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Patlabor 1 original ending

Oshii's original intention for the Patlabor 1 ending was for it to turn out that Hoba had died as a child meaning that the culprit was a total mystery. This was to be because the culprit was actually literally Jehovah, as in god. This was an idea reused from Oshii's cancelled Lupin the Third film, and though everyone stopped him from doing it in the first Patlabor movie, he later did it with the Grey Ghost and Haibara Rei in the live action movie.

検索用: パトレイバー 劇場版 劇パト 帆場暎一 神 エホバ 実在しなかった ルパン 押井守 没設定 没エンド

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Dictionary of Baronh, language of the Frybarec Gloer Gor Bari

Dictionary of Baronh, language of the Frybarec Gloer Gor Bari


        Is/am/are etc.
"F'a usere." = "I will migrate."
"Dar saurh a?" = "Do you have family."
"F'a bale." = "I am Abh"
"Spaurhlacé a ciloemh ane pïana." = "Spaurhlacé has red eyes."

    Not really, not that much。
    Abh. Etymology: "Heavens", "sea people".
    Name. Clan of the captain-kings from the wandering age. Name of mythological sun goddess.

    Person who charges. Person who is light of foot. Symh acharr: Shock troopers.
    Leg, foot.
    Mythological god who was trouble by the eight-headed dragon.
    Over there.
    Suffix indicating a negative. "F'anade sacle." = "I am not a servant."
    Crest, insignia.
    (The G is pronounced as ï) A unit of country in the empire, referring to an imperial star system that has populated planets.
    To pilot, control.
    "That", to refer to something far away, an object or event that is not a person.

    A reply of acknowledgement. "D'a saucele? - Aï, saucele." "Are you crew? - Yes, I am crew."
    Person who lives on the surface (of a planet).
    A colour between indigo and navy blue.
    Outdoor communciations device.
    Referring to the other person when in a group of two.
    Thought-crystal web.
    Expression of gratitude.
    Colour that ranges from blue to green.
    Colour that includes blue, green, and purple.
    A large type of battleship that carries mines.
    Naturally, rightfully, of course.
    Prefix to indicate a superior or leader.
    [m is silent] Circlet worn by Abh to indicate social status and also use their spacial senses.
    Operate (machinery, equipment) [↑+ hoth]
    Blue-haired. Expression used to refer to the Abh.
    Combination of ane and -ad-.
        To indicate existence of something, or emphasise a statement. "Frymec feri ane." = "I have a daughter."  / "R'a éni ane." = "That is good."
    The strap used to hold an actaroebh in place over a dauch.
    Starship seatbelt.
    Verb suffix to indicate passivity. "Fe ïarbarle." = "I was chosen."
    → *aroch
    Time before work starts, or morning. (As the Abh are a space-faring race, the former definition takes priority over the latter).
    Orbital tower.
    To play (a game, a musical instrument).
    The act of playing (a game or musical instrument). A musical recital. The name of a division in the Laburec which handles music in military and royal proceedings. "Sach arobhotr" = "military musician".
    Imperial capital city, or palace.
    Title used in Abh names, indicating nobility that was present at the founding of the empire.
    Suffix indicating a causative. "Sacase" = "make (someone) write (something)".
    Open. "Bidautec" = a free (space) port (where trade with entities outside the empire is allowed) [ref. asére]
    Morning sun.
    A colour, deep red. Also the name of a plant; The colour is named after the plant which was used to create dye in that colour in ancient times,
    The state of a clanh being active.
    Young child, toddler.
    Open, liberate. "Aséradé" = "Do not open".
    That place, over there.
    To gather, to get together。
    A thistle.
    The written text of the Abh (Baronh).
    Respect, longing, aspiration.
    The next day, tomorrow.
    A hot soup.
    Enemy. "Zar byrec" = "enemy fleet".



この裏設定は星界シリーズの著者である森岡浩之さんがNifty ServeのSFフォーラムの特設会議室『星界の紋章み~は~倶楽部』において1996年6月23日に『手の内公開』と題して公開されたものとほぼ同内容のものを森岡浩之さんの許可を得て公開しています。

 アーヴ語の語彙はごく一部を除いて、ヤマトコトバに起源を持ちます。そのご く一部というのは、ジントの名に代表されるように非アーヴ語起源の固有名詞で す。それ以外はどんなに奇妙に思えても、ヤマトコトバ起源です。

 ただ発音は現行日本語よりかなり複雑です。カタカナでは「r」「l」「rh」 の音が区別できませんし、エ段に相当する母音もみっつあります。したがって、 「レ」とあっても、じつは9種類の可能性があるわけですね。

 ヤマトコトバをアーヴ語に変化させるにはまず母音を統合しなければなりませ ん。しかし、これを説明しようと思うとすごく煩雑なうえに、通信では出るはず のない発音記号を使わないといけなくなるので省略します。

 つぎに、子音の発音部位を遷移させます。発音部位が遷移するとどうなるかと いうと、要するに音が変わってしまうのです。
 これはごくありふれた現象です。たとえば、現在われわれが「は」と発音して いる音を奈良時代の人は、「ぱ」と発音していたと考えられています。「ぱ」が 「ふぁ」になって、現在の「は」になるわけです。同様に「さ」もかつては「し ゃ」であり、さらに以前は「つぁ」または「ちゃ」だったと思われます。
 アーヴ語の場合、すべての子音についてこのような変化が起こったわけです。 ただし、現実に「すべての子音の発音部位が遷移する」という現象が起こった言 語をわたしは知りません。要するにちょっとズルをさせてもらったわけです(^^;)。

[j] [g] [h] [k] [s] [r]
[d] [z] [t] [l]


[w] [f]
[b] [p]


 上のような表によって子音は変化します。矢印のむいている方向に従って「強 く」なっていきます。
 子音が「強く」変化するか、「弱く」変化するか、あるいはもとの形をとどめ るかは母音との位置関係によります。
 大ざっぱにいうと、母音の直前の音は「強く」なり、直後の音はそのままです。 ただ例外もありますし、作者の気分が最終的にものをいうので、その点はご留意 を(^^;)。

 あと、一部の子音は「h」と融合して音が変わります。たとえば「bh」は 「ヴ」、「gh」は「ジュ」の音ですが、ここらへんも省略。

 では、「高天原」を変化させてみましょう(カ行の音を「c」で表記するのは 単なる趣味で、深い意味はありません)。

 Tacamagahara:母音がすべて同じなので面倒がないですね。どの母音を外すか 決めるだけです。
 Lacmhacarh:「mh」は[f]の音なので、これで「ラクファカール」と発音するわ けです。

 さて、これだけ公開しても「わかるわけがない」と作者が絶対の自信を持って いる(^^;)語源をひとつだけ挙げておきましょう。
 帝国(Frybarec)の語源は「ミスマル」です。漢字で書くと「御統」。イラス トなどで「古墳時代の人」がよく首にかけているネックレスです。たくさんの勾 玉や珠をひとつにつなぎあわせたもの。星々をつらねる帝国の名称にふさわしい、 と作者は思っているのですが、いかがなもんでしょ(^^)。

 アーヴの先祖である人工生命体は29体。その直系の子孫がアーヴ根源二九氏 族です(最初から設定にあったんですけど、けっきょく書きませんでした)。
 根源二九氏族のうち、皇族アブリアルを除けば、二八氏族。28という数字か らなにかを連想しないでしょうか? そう、星宿の数とたまたま同じなんです (たまたまって・・・、そうなるように設定したんやないか>おれ(^^;)。
 そこで、二八氏族に属するアーヴたちはそれぞれ星宿の名を名乗ることにしま した。
 スポールは昴宿(すばる)です。あと、『星界の紋章』に出てくるものでは、 ソスィエ(スファグノーフ侯爵の姓)が胃宿(こきえ)、サリューシュ(巡察艦 ゴースロスの乗員)が参宿(からすき)です。

 もちろんヤタガラスは金色ではありません。母都市を滅ぼしたあと、アーヴた ちは間接的祖先の神話や伝承を交易によって収集するのですが、その過程でいろ んな混乱が起こった、という裏設定なんです(単に執筆時に作者が混乱していた だけだという説もある・・・)。

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Kidou Senshi Gundam Daizenshuu (1991) - Gundam ZZ

Source: Kidou Senshi Gundam Daizenshuu (機動戦士ガンダム大全集)
Published 1991/03 by Kodansha (Terebi Magazine)
ISBN-10: 4061784129
ISBN-13: 978-4061784123

Not full translation

"Char Was Supposed To Appear in ZZ"

"The project for Gundam ZZ was started as a direct continuation of Z Gundam, and the story first thought of could be said to be the exact opposite of what was ultimately aired."

"To the left is the initial proposal, and as you can see there are large differences, such as with Emma Sheen who died at the end of Z Gundam had survived and was instead going to die here. But the biggest difference was that Char was going to appear. He was going to switch sides to Haman Karn, and attack the Argama that he was a member of just a while ago. "

"The story in this proposal is a lot darker than what was broadcast"

"Though (Char) is an enemy of the protagonists, in the end he kills Hamaan. But ultimately he cannot come as close to awakening as a newtype as Judau. He is a lonely man who cannot become a newtype."

"The Mineva Zabi appearing in this proposal is very much the real one."

"Many people who watched (Mobile Suit) Gundam and Z Gundam wondered if this little girl would one day influence the world of Gundam someday. An orphan of the Zabi family, though she was a little girl who only existed to be used by Hamaan when she reappeared, something about her gave out a premonition of the ideal newtype. Here, she comes to Earth. It is not an overstatement to say that this is representative of the spiritual fusion of space immigrants and those who stayed on Earth."

"There is not much of a difference in the personality of the Judau in this proposal and the version aired. He is just slightly a bit more mature, due to influence from Emma and Char. The reason is because he was created to be the opposite of Camille."

"(Judau) was created as someone to awaken as a healthy newtype. But that is why in the end he has to leave Earth."

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Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Japanese

Not complaining about anything here. It's just that it's hard to get Japanese to be as flowery as English can be at times, and I'd always loved the Japanese translations of Hartman's lines. Figured I might as well do a post on it.

Most of the dialogue here is nowhere close to what Japanese ever use, period, but references frequently show up in pop culture (one of the characters in the recent anime Kuromukuro constantly spouts quotes, for example).

English Japanese subtitles Translation of Japanese subtitles
The first and last words out of your filthy sewers will be "sir"! 口でクソたれる前と後に“サー”と言え! Say "sir" before and after each time you let shit dribble out of your mouths!
I can't hear you, sound off like you got a pair! 大声だせ!タマ落としたか! Sound off louder! Did you drop your balls!?
If you ladies leave my island, if you survive recruit training ...

you will be a weapon, you will be a minister of death, praying for war.

But until that day you are pukes!
You're the lowest form of life on Earth.

You are not even human fucking beings!

You are nothing but unorganized grabasstic pieces of amphibian shit!

各人が兵器となる 戦争に祈りを捧げる死の司祭だ



If you she-swine manage to survive my training...

You will be weapons. You will be priests of death, offering your prayers to war.

But until that day, you are maggots! The lowest form of life on Earth.

You are not human!

You don't even have the value of a collection of amphibian shit!
There is no racial bigotry here!

I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops or greasers.

Here you are all equally worthless!

And my orders are to weed out all non-hackers who do not pack the gear to serve in my beloved Corps!



俺の使命は役立たずを刈り取ることだ 愛する海兵隊の害虫を!
No racial discrimination is allowed here.

I do not look down on black swine, Jewish swine, or Italian swine.

They are all equally worthless!

My mission is to weed out the useless, the pestilence in my beloved marine corps!
They don't serve fried chicken and watermelon on a daily basis in my mess hall! うちの食堂では黒んぼ定食は出さん! My mess hall doesn't serve nigger set meals!
Who said that?

Who the fuck said that?

Who's the slimy little communist shit twinkle-toed cocksucker down here, who just signed his own death warrant?

Nobody, huh?!

The fairy fucking godmother said it!

Out-fucking-standing! I will P.T. you all until you fucking die!

I'll P.T. you until your assholes are sucking buttermilk!






Who was it!?

Which shit!?

You cock-sucking swine of a commie crony! Do you want me to kill you!?

No answer!?

Was it the fairy godmother!? 
(*Actually "magician granny" with "granny" being substituted with a particularly rude way of saying it, but "fairy godmother" itself is translated to Japanese as just "magician" to begin with)

Fine then, I'm going to drill you till your heads fuck to death!

I'll drill you until you drink milk through your ass holes!! 
Was it you, you scroungy little fuck, huh?! 貴様か、腐れマラは? Were you the rotting cock!?
You little piece of shit!

You look like a fucking worm! I'll bet it was you!

Fucking brat!

You're the coward cock aren't you!?
Well shit.

What have we got here, a fucking comedian? Private Joker?

I admire your honesty.

Hell, I like you.

You can come over to my house and fuck my sister.

勇気あるファッキン・コメディアン ジョーカー(おふざけ屋)二等兵



So it was that shit...

You're a brave fucking comedian, private Joker.

Honesty is admirable.

I like you.

You can come to my house and fuck my sister.
You little scumbag!

I've got your name! I've got your ass!

You will not laugh! You will not cry! You will learn by the numbers. I will teach you.

Now get up!

Get on your feet! You had best unfuck yourself or I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck!




隠れてマスかいてみろ クビ切り落としてクソ流し込むぞ
You skinhead brat!

I'll give it to you good!

I'll make it so that you can't laugh or cry!

Stand up already!

Just try and wank behind my back, I'll cut off your head and pour shit down the hole!
Five foot nine? I didn't know they stacked shit that high!

You trying to squeeze an inch in on me somewhere, huh?

Like a towering pile of shit!

Are you lying about your height?
It looks to me like the best part of you ran down the crack of your mama's ass and ended up as a brown stain on the mattress! I think you've been cheated! パパの精液がシーツのシミになり、ママの割れ目に残ったカスがおまえだ! When your daddy's semen ended up as a stain on the sheets, the residue that stayed in your mommy's vagina is what became you!
Where in hell are you from anyway, Private? どこの穴で育った? Which hole did you grow up in?
Holy dogshit! Texas! Only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy!

And you don't look much like a steer to me, so that kinda narrows it down
Do you suck dicks!


All you can find in Texas are steers and homo bastards, private Cowboy

You don't look like steer so you must be a homo bastard!

You suck dicks too, don't you?
Are you a peter-puffer? おフェラ豚か? Are you a cock-sucking swine?
I'll bet you're the kind of guy that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around! カマを掘るだけ掘って、相手のマスかきを手伝う外交儀礼もないやつ You're the sort that would fuck a guy in the ass and not have the diplomatic courtesy to help jack him off
I'll bet they regret that!

You're so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece!

What's your name, fatbody?


Looking at your face makes me sick!

It's as ugly as modern art!

Is your name "fatass"?
Bullshit! I'll bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose! ホースでゴルフボールを吸い込む口だ! Your mouth looks like it could suck a golf ball with a hose!
I don't like the name Lawrence!

Only faggots and sailors are called Lawrence!

From now on you're Gomer Pyle!


I don't like your name!

It's the name of a faggot or a sailor!

I'll call you Grinning Fatass!
Private Pyle, I'm gonna give you three seconds, exactly three fucking seconds to wipe that stupid-looking grin off your face, or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull-fuck you! デブ二等兵、三秒やる
Private Fatass, you have three seconds. Three seconds, dumbass! If you keep that dumb face on I will gouge your eyeballs out and fuck your skull!
Get on your knees, scumbag! ひざまづけ、クズ肉! Get on your knees, scum-meat!
Private Pyle, you had best square your ass away and start shitting me Tiffany cuff links … or I will definitely fuck you up! ケツの穴を引き締めろ! ダイヤのクソをひねり出せ!… さもないとクソ地獄だ! Tighten your ass hole! Start shitting out diamonds! Or else it's fucking hell!
Do we love our beloved Corps,ladies?

Semper fi! Do or die! Gung ho,gung ho,gung ho!

What makes the grass grow?

Blood! Blood! Blood!

What do we do for a living,ladies?

Kill! Kill! Kill!





Do you swine-girls love the marine corps?

Loyalty for life! With our lives! Fighting spirit, fighting spirit, fighting spirit!

What makes the grass grow?

Hot blood! Blood! Blood!

What is our job, little girls?

Killing! Killing! Killing!