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Dark Souls 2 (3)


English name Japanese name Literal translation 英語名の和訳 Notes/備考
Fire Keepers' Dwelling 火守女たちの住処 Home of the Fire Keepers 火守たちの住処 The Japanese word for "fire keepers", 火守女, specifically indicates that they are women.
The Far Fire 果ての篝火 The bonfire at the end 遠き火 The end as in "the ends of the earth".
The Crestfallen's Retreat 心折れた者の逃げ場所 失望した者たち隠れ場所 The place those whose spirits have been broken ran to
Cardinal Tower 主塔 Main tower
Soldier's Rest 兵の避難所 Soldiers' emergency shelter 兵の休憩所
The Place Unbeknownst 誰も知らない場所 A place nobody knows of 知られざる場所
Heide's Ruin ハイデの廃墟 Ruins of Heide ハイデの滅び
Tower of Flame 大火塔 Great Flame Tower 炎の塔
The Blue Cathedral 青聖堂 Blue Cathedral
Unseen Path to Heide ハイデへの隠れ道 Hidden path to Heide ハイデへの見えざる道
Exile Holding Cells 流刑者の牢 Exile Holding Cells
McDuff's Workshop マックダフの作業場 McDuff's Workshop
Servants' Quarters 従者の間 Servants' Quarters
Straid's Cell ストレイドの牢 Straid's Cell ストレイド/"Strayed" is the name of the default AC in Armored Core: For Answer, also by From.
The Tower Apart 離れの塔 Annex tower 離れた塔 離れ does mean "away" or "apart" but in architecture it refers to a building separate from the main one.
Upper Ramparts 城壁屋上 Rampart roof 城壁の上層
The Saltfort 塩の塔 Tower of salt 塩城 Salt(塩)とfort(城砦)がひとつの名前として合体されている
Undead Refuge 不死の隠れ処 Undead hiding place
Bridge Approach 橋のたもと The foot of the bridge
Undead Lockaway 不死牢 Undead cell
Undead Purgatory 不死刑場 Undead execution ground 不死煉獄
Poison Pool 毒溜り Poison Pool
The Mines 採掘場 Mine
Lower Earthen Peak 土の塔・下層 Tower of Dirt: Lower levels
Central Earthen Peak 土の塔・中層 Tower of Dirt: Middle levels
Upper Earthen Peak 土の塔・上層 Tower of Dirt: Upper levels
Threshold Bridge 入口の橋 Entrance bridge
Ironheart Hall 鉄の炉の棟 Iron furnance [hall] 鉄心の棟 (A 棟 is actually a single building in itself but I can't think of an appropriate word so I'm leaving it as "hall" for now
If this were a contemporary setting I'd go with "block", but that's obviously not right here.)
Eygil's Idol エギルの鉄像 Egil's Iron Statue エイギルの神像
Belfry Sol 陽の鐘楼前 Before the Belltower of the Sun
Old Akelarre 魔女がいた場所 Where the witches once were/Where the witch once was 古きアケラーレ Ambiguous if singular or plural.

Ruined Fork Road 分岐路の遺跡 Ruins of the fork road The word used for ruins, 遺跡, suggest that they are ancient; This is a word used for places Indiana Jones might explore.
The word used for Heide is 廃墟 which suggests they're more recent; While it CAN be used for ancient ruins, it can also be used for, say, an abandoned ravaged town in a warzone.
Shaded Ruins 虚ろの遺跡 The empty ruins 影の遺跡 Same "empty" as in "the forest of empty shadows".
The word's nuances are closer to "hollow" but it's unrelated to the word hollow (hollows=亡者) as used in the English version.
Gyrm's Respite ゲルムの憩いの場 Gyrms' resting area Gyrm is pronounced "Germ" with a hard G.
Ordeal's End 試練の休息所 Resting place before the test 苦難の終わり The test being the boss, the Rat King's Test.
Royal Army Campsite 王兵の野営地 Royal soldier campsite 王国軍の野営地
Chapel Threshold 礼拝堂前 Before the chapel
Lower Brightstone Cove 輝石街・下層 Brightstone Town: Lower levels 明石の小湾の下層 輝石は英語ではbrightstone (「明るい石」)に翻訳されている。
Harval's Resting Place 聖職者ハクバルが眠る地 Hakbal/Hakval the holy man's resting place ハーバルが眠る地 His name is changed, the Japanese text specifies that he was a holy man (but doesn't call him a saint which would be 聖人), and "resting place" means this is where his body is (duh) and not that he rested here or whatever. 
I previously messed up this bit by confusing somehow confusing it with Roy's resting place; The original text does not indicate that Hakval died here. (Roy's resting place does indicate that he died there)
Grave Entrance 墓所入口 Grave Entrance
Upper Gutter クズ底・上層 Gutter: Upper levels See previous posts for notes on "the gutter".
Central Gutter クズ底・中層 Gutter: Middle levels
Black Gulch Mouth 黒渓谷・入口 Black Gorge: Entrance 黒峡谷の口
Hidden Chamber 隠し部屋 Hidden room
King's Gate 王の扉前 Before the king's gate 王の扉
Under Castle Drangleic 王城・地下 Royal castle: Underground ドラングレイク城の下
Forgotten Chamber 忘れられた部屋 Forgotten room
Central Castle Drangleic 王城・中層 Royal castle: Middle levels
Tower of Prayer 祈りの塔 Tower of Prayer
Crumbled Ruins 崩れた遺跡 Crumbled Ruins The word used is "iseki" indicating ancient ruins.
Rhoy's Resting Place 探索者ロイの最期の地 The resting place of Roy the explorer ロイが眠る地
"Saigo no chi" also carries connotations that suggest he died here. 

なお、「resting place」は「死んだ人間の遺体が収められている場所」という意味なので「最期の地」(死んだ場所)とは微妙にニュアンスが違う。
Rise of the Dead 死者の塔 Tower of the Dead ライズ・オブ・ザ・デッド Riseが「塔」を意味することもなくはないがそんなことはまず誰も思わないしこれどう見てもゾンビ映画だよ!
Undead Crypt Entrance 不死廟・入口 Undead Mausoleum: Entrance
Undead Ditch 死者の捨て場 Dead dump 不死の捨て溝 It's a dump, as in a place to throw away rubbish, except instead of rubbish it's for the dead.
Foregarden 前庭 Front garden
Ritual Site 秘儀の棟 [Higi] [hall] 儀式の場 See previous post for notes on "higi". Also see ironheart hall for notes on "棟".
Dragon Aerie 護り竜の巣 Guardian dragon nest(s) 竜の高巣
Shrine Entrance 祭祀場・入口 Ritual site: Entrance 社の入り口
Sanctum Walk 聖壁への道 Path to the Holy Wall 聖域の道
Tower of Prayer 祈りの塔 Tower of Prayer (Yes, exact same name as the other bonfire in Japanese too)
Priestess' Chamber 巫女の間 The [miko]'s chamber
Hidden Sanctum Chamber 聖壁の隠し部屋 Holy wall's hidden room
Lair of the Imperfect なりそこないの住処 Lair of [the imperfect] 不完全なるものの住処 A "narisokonai" is something that was meant to become something but failed. A mad scientist's experiment at creating something that failed and results in some sort of abomination? That's a "narisokonai".
Sanctum Interior 聖壁内部 Inside the holy wall
Sanctum Nadir 聖壁底部 Bottom of the holy wall 聖域天底(サンクトゥム・ナディル) ナディルなんて言葉辞書でも見ないと普通分からねーよ。てかこの翻訳者、厨二病こじらせすぎ。
Throne Floor 玉座の層 Throne level
Upper Floor 上層 Upper levels
Foyer 中心部 Central area
Lowermost Floor 最下層 Bottom levels
The Smelter Throne 熔鉄の玉座 Smelten throne That's the same smelten as in "the smelten castle" (iron keep) or smelten demon (smelter demon).
Iron Hallway Entrance 鉄の回廊・入口 Iron Corridor: Entrance

Also, datamined unused place names (found the image posted elsewhere online):
Unused place names
Japanese name Literal translation Notes/備考
アマナのゆりかご Cradle of Amana
ソウルの吹き溜まりの洞 Souldrift Cave Like a snowdrift, only souls instead of snow.
ドラン城下街 Drang castle town
火継ぎの玉座 Firelink Throne /
Fire-Inheriting Throne

狭間の地下宮 Underground Palace In Between
契りの祭壇 Altar of the Vow
古き森 Old Forest
三連鐘楼 Triple Belltower
不死城郭 Undead Castle
殿堂 Shrine
闘技場 Colloseum

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So yeah if I never follow up on this post, well, you can blame these fuckers.

Edit: I haven't touched anything related to Dark Souls for over a year yet THESE DROOLING RETARDS STILL KEEP COMING

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I'll be mostly offline a until I clear Sen no Kiseki II.

Of course to clear the game I have to GET the game which means I have to wait for fucking Sagawa who are taking over a fucking day to ship me a game from Tokyo to Tokyo. I took the day off for this. I woke up at 8 AM hoping it'd arrive in the morning. It's 1 fucking PM and the fuckers still haven't even gotten the game to my delivery centre. Wow, fuck these guys. Are they bringing it on foot or something?

This isn't the first time Sagawa fucked me over either, they once managed to LOSE A PACKAGE and then suddenly brought it over a month later with holes in the box.

Fuck Sagawa.

Edit: It's TWO FUCKING PM and they still haven't gotten it to my delivery centre.

It takes them a day for a fucking half hour drive. I just looked it up on Google Maps. It's half a fucking hour from their business centre to the delivery centre for my neighbourhood. My package left the business centre YESTERDAY and has been in transit to my delivery centre WHICH IS HALF A FUCKING HOUR AWAY ever since.

I took the day off for this?

Edit: 3 PM.

Still in transit.

Fuck Sagawa.

Edit: 5 PM. In transit. Fuck Sagawa.

After that bullshit they pulled the last time I decided to never again pay for something they're going to deliver (and fucking EVERYONE except for Amazon uses fucking Sagawa) with a credit card. Nope, it's all cash on delivery now. Which means I have to be there for the delivery. Which means the fuckers have me stuck indoors all day waiting for them.

Fuck them.

Edit: 6 PM. Still in transit. Looks like it's not arriving today. Fuck everything.

Edit: At 7:30 PM the tracker updated to say that the guy came by and failed to deliver the package at 6:40 even though I was sitting here the whole fucking time waiting and never heard the bell ring. Oh and they only take calls for redeliveries up to 7 PM, after that they don't deliver stuff until the next day.

I don't know who to blame for this bullshit but whoever they are I hope they die in a fucking fire.

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Dark Souls 2 (2)

Previous post was getting bloated so I'm making a new one.

Regular enemy names
English name Japanese name Literal translation 英語名の和訳 Notes/備考
Foreign Wanderer 異国の放浪者 Wanderer from a foreign land 外国の放浪者
Ogre オーガ Ogre
Prowler Hound 彷徨い犬 Wandering dog 徘徊する猟犬
Falconer 大鷹の戦士 Falcon Warrior タカ使い
Skeleton スケルトン Skeleton
Undead Devourer 不死喰い Undead-eater
Flame Lizard 炎トカゲ Flame lizard
Heide Knight ハイデの騎士 Knight of Heide ハイデ騎士
Hollow Infantry 亡者下級兵 Hollow low-ranking soldier 亡者兵
Hollow Royal Soldier 亡者王国兵 Hollow royal soldier
Ironclad Soldier 重鉄兵 Heavy iron soldier 鉄装兵
Old Knight 古騎士 Ancient knight 老いた騎士
Darkdweller 暗闇亡者 Dark hollow 闇住み
Hollow Varangian 蛮族亡者 Barbarian hollow ヴァリャーグ族の亡者 No mention of what the barbarians are called in the Japanese version (no mention of "Varangians")
Stray Hound 野犬 Wild dog はぐれ猟犬
Nimble Shadow 異形の影 Eldritch shadow 敏感な影 "Igyou" (which I translated to "twisted" until someone reminded me that the word "eldritch" exists) means something extremely out of the ordinary (in a bad way).
It's a bit hard to define but tl;dr it's a word frequently used to describe Lovecraftian horrors in Japanese.
Gaoler 獄吏 Jailer
Royal Swordsman 王国剣士 Royal swordsman
Rupturing Hollow 破裂亡者 Bursting hollow
Bell Keeper 鐘守 Bell guardian
Undead Aberration 異形の不死 Twisted undead "Igyou" again (see eldritch shadow). Left this one as "twisted" because it seems more appropriate than "eldritch" in this case. Aberration is a pretty good translation in this context.
Prisoned Sinner 牢の罪人 Sinner of the prison 投獄された罪人
Abandoned Hollow 棄てられた亡者 Abandoned hollow "Abandoned" as in "discarded"
Executioner 刑吏 Executioner
Hollow Mage 亡者魔術師 Hollow sorceror 亡者術師 Same word as used in the starting class (majutsushi).
Hollow Rogue 賊の亡者 Hollow bandit 亡者ローグ
Poison Moth 毒蛾 Poison moth
Undead Huntsman 不死狩り Undead hunter 不死狩人 As in hunter of undead, not a hunter who is undead.
Undead Laborer 囚人亡者 Hollow prisoner 不死労働者
Banedigger 毒堀り Poison excavator 災い掘り Literally "person who digs up poison".
Hammersmith 槌背負い Hammer-bearer 槌鍛冶屋 Literally "person who carries hammer on back".
Desert Sorceress 砂の魔術師 Sand sorceress 砂漠の魔術師
Grave Warden 墓守 Grave warden
Masked Manikin 仮面の傀儡 Masked puppet
Poison Brumer 毒角蟲 Poison bug 毒ブルーマー
Entity of Avarice 貪欲者 Greedy one 貪欲なる存在
Hunting Rat 犬ネズミ Dog-rat 狩猟ネズミ Rat in the Grave of Saints.
Name seems to have been swapped with that of the "mongrel rat" from the Doors of Pharros.
Swollen Mongrel 膨張犬 Bloated dog はれあがった雑種犬
Darksucker 黒喰い Black eater 闇吸い
Cragslipper 穴蟲 Hole bug
Great Giant Warrior 巨人兵 Giant soldier 大巨人兵
Basilisk バジリスク Basilisk
Forrest Grotesque 森の異形 Eldritch forest thing 森の怪物 "Igyou" again, see previous notes.
Lion Clan Warrior 獅子族の戦士 Lion warrior 獅子部落の戦士 "Lion" here is defined as a sort of species or race.
"Clan" is a common mistranslation of "zoku" due to real world connotations, but in fantasy it's commonly used to refer to races/species and such.
(e.g. "Shin-zoku" is "the race of gods", "ryuu-zoku" is "the race of dragons", "kyojin-zoku" is "the race of giants")
Roaming Soul 徘徊霊 Wandering spirit 徘徊ソウル
Gyrm Warrior ゲルムの戦士 Gyrm Warrior ギルムの戦士
Gyrm Worker ゲルムの民 (One of) the Gyrmic People ギルムの労働者 Something-no-tami is a romantic way to refer to the people of a certain race.
Because Japanese does not have to specify if something is singular or plural it can be used to refer to a single member as well.
Real world example: Japanese translations of the bible refer to the Jews as "Yudaya no tami" ("the Jewish people").
Anyway they're not workers but regular people.
Mongrel Rat 狩猟ネズミ Hunting rat 雑種ネズミ Rat in the Doors of Pharros. Name seems to have been swapped with that of the hunting rat found in the grave of saints.
Hollow Primal Knight 獣人騎士 Beastman Knight 亡者原始騎士
Ducal Spider 公の蜘蛛 Duke's spider
Grand Tusk 牙獣 Fanged beast 大牙
Hollow Peasant | 農夫亡者 Hollow farmer
Tseldoran Settler ジェルドラの民 (One of the) people of Geldora ツェルドラの開拓者 The guy in the duke's chamber.
Geldra/Geldora/Jeldra/Jeldora whatever.
Spider Drone 寄生蜘蛛 Parasite spider 蜘蛛の傀儡
Alonne Knight アーロン騎士 Arlon Knight アローン騎士
Alonne Knight Captain アーロン騎士長 Arlon Knight Captain アローン騎士長
Stone Soldier 石像騎士 Stone statue knight 石兵
Syan Soldier ザインの兵 Zyne Soldier サイアン兵 Pronounced like "sign" but with a Z.
Aldia Warlock 彷徨い術師 Prowling Magus アルディア・ワーロック Same name as the boss.
Amana Aberration アマナの異形 Eldritch thing of Amana Igyou of Amana. See previous notes.
Amana Priestess アマナの巫女 Amana shrine maiden アマナの司祭
Archdrake Pilgrim 古竜院の巡礼 Pilgrim from the Ancient Dragon Institution 護り竜長の巡礼者 Most instances of "archdrake" are translations of 古竜院.
The 古竜院/Ancient Dragon('s) Institution is some sort of organization that seems to have both academic and religious overtones, and judging from the name has links to an ancient dragon or the ancient dragons, but I haven't looked into the other stuff yet so I'm leaving it at that for now.
古竜院はarchdrake(護り竜の長)に翻訳されている。ちなみに「護り竜」(drake)は古の竜(ancient dragon)とは明確に区別されている(そもそもdrakeは英語のフィクションでは基本的には「竜もどき」のことで本物のドラゴンではない)ため、英語版では
Leydia Pyromancer レディアの呪術師 Ledia Jujutsushi レイディアの呪術師 A jujutsushi is a practitioner of jujutsu, which is translated to "pyromancy". See previous post for notes on jujutsu.
Leydia Witch レディアの魔女 Ledia Witch レイディアの魔女
Undead Crypt Knight 不死廟の騎士 Knight of the Undead Crypt Not a crypt knight who's undead, but a knight of the undead crypt.
Wall Spectre 壁憑き Wall-haunter 壁霊
Dragon Acolyte 竜の学徒 Student of the Dragon 竜の信徒
Dragon 護り竜 Guardian Dragon Same name as the boss.
Dark Priestess 亡者司祭 Hollow priest(ess) 暗黒司祭 (No gender distinction)
Dragon Knight 黒竜の騎士 Black dragon knight 竜騎士
Drakekeeper 竜の番兵 Dragon guardians 守り竜の管理人 "Drakekeepers" suggest that they're people who take care of the drakes in the aerie, while the original name suggest that they're, duh, the ancient dragon's bodyguards.
Witchtree 妖木 Animate tree 妖/you is the same word as used in Arlon's youtou (see stuff on Arlon's sword in previous post).
The nuance is that it's an ancient tree that has gained sentience and now has supernatural powers and whatever. Basically just a tree monster.

Red phantom/dark spirit names. 
As the names (but not titles) are written phonetically, there are multiple ways of romanizing them: For example, aside from the official translation's "Rhoy" and my "Roy", that same guy's name could also be: Lhoy/Llhoy/Loi/Roi/Royh/Loyh/See what I mean? I'm just going with what comes natural to me. If the name is COMPLETELY different though there's an asterisk in the note field.
English name Japanese name Literal translation 英語名の和訳 Notes/備考
Vorgol the Sinner 罪人フォーゲル Vogel the Sinner 罪人ヴォーゴル *
(German pronunciation so it's "foh-gel" with a hard G)
Merciless Roenna 無慈悲なリュース Luse the Merciless 無慈悲なロエーナ *
Bowman Guthry 射手のガイラム Gyram the Marksman 弓兵ガスリー *
Rhoy the Explorer 探索者ロイ Roy the Explorer 探索者ローイ
Melinda the Butcher 肉断ちのマリダ Marida the Meat-cleaver 虐殺者メリンダ *
Nameless Usurper 無名の簒奪者 Nameless Usurper
Peculiar Kindalur 奇妙なキンドロ Kindro the Odd 奇妙なキンダルー *
Aslatiel of Mirrah ミラのアズラティエル Azratiel of Mirrah ミラのアスらティエル
Dragonfang Villard 竜の牙ウィアード Weird the Dragonfang 竜牙ヴィラード Yes that's a guy whose name is "Weird" or at least something close to it. Weerd? Wierd? Wiyered?
Anyway if you pronounce "V" as a W like reverse-German and the "ll" as a Y like Spanish then yes, it's Villard.
Royal Sorcerer Navlaan 宮廷術師ナヴァーラン Court Magician Navaaran 王国魔術師ナヴラーン *
Note that he is markedly NOT a sorceror (majutsushi) but a "jutsushi" (see my previous post on sorceries/pyromancies/hexes), and WHAT jutsu he uses isn't specified.
He could be a practictioner of any of the types of magic, or all of them, or maybe even an entirely different kind.

Ruin sentinel soul, English:
>Soul of the Ruin Sentinel, a creation of the Jailer.

Empty guardian soul, Japanese:
> 牢主の被造物である虚ろの衛兵のソウル

>Soul of an Empty Guardian, a creation of the master of the prison

(Considering how there are multiple jailers, and how they're just random mooks, I think it's safe to assume that the master of the prison is someone above them.)

Queen Dunashandra

"Queen" is typically 女王/joou. While a joou can be taken as a queen regnant, while an 王妃/ouhi however is clearly distinguished as a queen consort.

I'm not bothering to take a look at the English version this time so as to keep it from influencing what I see in the original text.

Dunashandra's dialogue, first time you meet her:

"You have done well in overcoming many trials to come here, cursed undead.
I am Dunashandra, queen of Drangleig.
A king is one who bears the [karma]*1 of souls.
The former king of this country, whose name was Vanclad.
He gained power and became a king of man, and in order to fight the coming cursed ones...
He sought more power and tried many things.
But in the end, he never reached the [Throne]*2."
*1 "Inga", like "gou" (see the previous stuff on the Withering Ruin/Crawling mushi), is a Buddhist concept that has become a regular Japanese word.
It can also be interpreted as something like "cause and effect". Either way it's really vague here.

*2 Throne here has quotation marks around it in Japanese which means it's something special, hence why I capitalised the word.

Second time you talk to her:
"Go to Vanclad."

Third time:
"We do not need two kings."

After getting the king's ring:
"Drangleig has been destroyed, here and now."

After getting the king's ring 2:
"Undead, seek the Throne.
Follow the [proof of the king]* and do what you have to do."
*Can't think of anything better for 王の証 = something that proves that a king is a king.

After getting the core of ashen mist:
"Undead. What did you hear from that dragon?
It is a false thing. A false god.
Do not let it fool you."

After getting the core 2:
"Head towards the forest.
Where [that horrible giant sleeps]*."
*With this wording it's vague if she's saying where "that horrible giant" sleeps (implying she's referring to a single giant) or "that horrible place where the giants sleep".

Final battle:
You who have passed the trials.
Now you become one with the darkness..."

Ancient dragon

"That which was stagnant has started to move... It moves again...

For as long as to seek is to live... There is no escape...

But, that is why... They seek the answer hidden in the mist."
*Japanese does not need to specify a subject, and the ancient dragon certainly doesn't. It's thus unclear if he's talking about the player character, or maybe Dunashandra, or even living beings in general. ("They" isn't in the original text)

Black Flamestone Parma's description of the Gutter:
Among those thrown into the [gutter]* were those who crawled out seeking a path to the surface. But none succeeded in returning, and they all perished cursing the world.
*Already explained the original text in a previous post and why "gutter" is a great word for it so I'm leaving it as such.

Spider's Silk's description of the duke (note: Items' original name is Spider's Needle):
The man known as the Duke, who loved spiders*, eventually vanished to someplace.
*Japanese doesn't need to distinguish between singular and plural so it's unclear if he loved spiders in general (likely the case) or just one in particular. Also the word used for "love" is 偏愛/hen'ai which implies a love unbalanced in relation to other stuff, implying he cared more for his spiders than the town.

Malformed Shell*'s description of Aldia/An-Dil:
It is said that the mysterious person known as An-Dil sought power to to solve the mysteries of the undead in order to find the truth of life.
*Item name could mean the shell itself is malformed as the translator assumed, but could also mean "shell of a malformed/eldritch (see previous notes on "igyou") thing".

Undead Lockaway Key (key to undead stone prison cell)'s description of the area:
Prisons meant to hold undead still exist in this forest, where undead hunts were held in the age of the Iron King. But now, there is no difference between the hunter and the hunted*.
*Literally "the abusers and the abused" but that sounds weird in English.

Emerald Herald's dialogue at dragon aerie (or going by the Japanese names, Pilgrim clad in green's dialogue at guardian dragon nest):
"Bearer of the curse. I have been waiting here all along for someone who can overcome [inga]*1. For someone who will free me.
Bearer of the curse. You who were led to this land by a [bunshin]*2 of me.
The ancient dragon has watched over the world all this time. 
Take this (you get the [aged feather]*3). Do not fight. The dragon will welcome you."

*1: See Nashandra's dialogue notes

*2: A "bunshin" or "wakemi" is a common thing in Japanese fiction. The person is referred to as the "hontai" ("main body") while a bunshin ("split body") is an extension of their being which has a separate body. There's a wide range of what these actually are: Ninja "bunshin" are illusions used to trick enemies, while sorcerers and such can make actual copies of themselves, and gods can make bunshin that are completely independent (the main character turning out to be a "bunshin" of the evil final boss villain, for example). It can also be used as a metaphor (someone who really loves their car could call it their bunshin) tl;dr It's a thing that's a separate thing from the person yet is the same person.

*3: The feather is specifically a bird's.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Russo-Japanese war propaganda

The text in that reads

Ro-suke (nickname for Russians used in the war): "I'm dyiiiiing"
Japanese soldier: "I will finish you off!"
Ro-suke (in the background): "Retreat!"

Such scathing political commentary.