Friday, November 28, 2014

Let's play: Super Robot Wars Scramble Commander the 2nd (1)

Have a separate Twitter account just for realtime updates on this LP.

So yeah, I got Scramble Commander 2 for 800 yen. Never played this (or SC1) before. It's not a direct sequel to SC1, just numbered 2 because it has the same system (it's an RTS).

No videos. I don't have any capture shit. Just text and pictures. 

*Now that I've actually played it though it's pretty good so I'll probably advance a a decent enough speed

Blah blah blah MU attacked 15 years ago and Tokyo Jupiter, Macross drops from the sky ten years ago and there was a war over it, one year war and shit, five years ago the gitaijuu from Godannar were starting to fuck everyone over but "tokki" (tokushukidouheiki = "special mobile weapon" = super robots) were mass produced and beat them. Super robot were considered overpowered and a bunch of laws were put into place to limit their use. And now it's the year 74 of the New Earth Calendar, and the Anti Alien Assembly (A3), an organization in charge of looking over alien overtechnology, is about to face a new conflict.

 An unidentified unit entered airspace under A3 jurisdiction and Dancouga and main character Keiji Tachibana (in an airplane) sortie to stop it. Keiji gets shot down, but Dancouga manages to take out the unit, which crashes near Keiji.

Keiji inspects it, and finds that the pilot was dead from unknown reasons (no serious wounds, robot itself barely damaged).

More enemies of unknown affiliation attack, but it's just Hizacks this time. It might be the Titans, but there's no IFF.

Shinobu asks Keiji to try using the enemy unit since it's barely scratched. He hasn't used any robots before (fighter pilot) but eh whatever.


Right stick and R1/R2: Camera
D-pad up/down: Change unit
O: Menu

Menu makes it looks like it's generally just the usual stuff only in 3D realtime.

There are movement commands to prioritise battle or movement, and using square instead of circle sets waypoints. Units have fields of view that also serve as their engagement zones; Enemies not seen by any of your units are invisible, but you tell vaguely where they are by red dots on the dark areas of the map.
Units have tactical settings: The ones available on the first stage are offence, defence, and avoid engagement. There's also a range setting for your unit to keep at, which also determines which attacks they use (there are no attack commands; Units fight automatically depending on their tactical settings).
There's also a manual mode that lets you control a single unit in case the pathfinding goes full retard on you or something.

(Also the tutorial reveals the name of the original before the story did, Habakiri)

First stage starts. Dancouga fights some enemies while Keiji gets out of the way, but enemy reinforcements show up and target him, leaving him with no choice but to fight. He handles the robot decently, and Shinobu mentions that he's also known as the "Scarface Kid".

After the battle Keiji feels sick, and not just because the enemy pilot's corpse is still in the cockpit with him- He feels like something is sucking his very soul out. He also says that he doesn't like the nickname; The scar's nothing special, it's something he got as a kid.

The operator, Valentina, mentions that the unknown unit's energy readings rival that of the Dancouga: It's a tokki, in other words, and because of all the laws around them (they're basically treated like WMDs) this might get troublesome.

Meanwhile in a mysterious place, a mysterious man who resembles a mysterious blue cosmos mysterious Djibril talks to other mysterious people. ???Djibril is mad that the Zero One was taken by A3. ???2 explains that the Zero One's celestial reactor requires the pilot's brain to be compatible with it, and that it's Djibril's own damn fault for insisting they use one of his cronies. ???3 worries about A3 having the Zero One but ???2 doesn't care; It may have a celestial reactor, but the frame is conventional and nothing special compared to what they're going to make.

Back at A3's HQ in South Atalia, Kouji's excited because Mazinger Z's arriving. Ryou explains that producing and possessing tokki strictly controlled which makes the unidentified super robot also super illegal, and Professor Hazuki mentions that he found what seems to be its name printed on the unit (SS01-Habakiri) and that the Titans claimed that the Hizacks that attacked A3 were like totally stolen by AEUG or Karaba or someone for sure, true story.

Mykene attacks the Mazinger Z in transit, and Dancouga and Kouji (pilder) sortie, with Keiji joining them in the Habakiri.

There's another tutorial, unlocking four new tactical commands: Charge (increases offense and decreases defense), snipe (duh), decoy (do less damage but draw enemy attention), and delay (try to stop enemies where they are).

Mykene's kikaijuu are fucking tiny compared to the Dancouga which punts them around like ugly little footballs. After the battle Keiji feels himself becoming one with the Habakiri.

Hazuki is puzzled about the Habakiri's reactor and has suspicions about it (he says he saw something ismilar nine years ago); He shoots off a few messages, and immediately gets replies from professors Aoi and Yotsuya who want to see the thing in person.

Combattler V's Battle Team arrives at South Atalia to escort the Habakiri to Dannar Base for further inspection. Dancouga will be guarding it along the way too.

They run into magma beasts which they blow up along the way, and end up heading to the Nanbara Connection first. There's also a new tutorial on air/space movement and special moves.

The Habakiri has Yotsuya think of a professor Soga, further confirming Hazuki's suspicions. Hyouma referring to the Connection as home has Keiji think about home and family, and resolve to forget about both.

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  1. My friend and I just love this game! Too bad there isn't a sequel or the 3rd to it... I've played it about 5 times now and what's best is that it never gets boring! Love the Gundam series so fucking much! Awesome game!