Sunday, November 23, 2014

Turn A Gundam Complete Record Collection 2

Just some stuff from this book (and no, I don't have the first volume. May get it later.)

    Stuff translated from Turn A Gundam Complete Record Collection 2: The Memory of Second Wind
    About the Sackträger (ties in to G-Reco stuff)
    At the end of the Universal Century, it seemed that the countless space wars would finally come to an end, but the unending consumption had reduced Earth's resources close to zero. During this age, Earth was still the center of human civilization, and mankind sought to restore civilization on Earth. To do this they needed massive amounts of materials, which had to be mined from asteroids which were moved near to Earth. The Sackträger's predecessor, the fixed orbital elevator, was built in order to make moving the mined resources down to Earth easier. This megastructure was also supposed to be a symbol of peace, and Earth did in fact have peace for a few hundred years after the construction of the orbital elevator. It seems that there might have been several orbital elevators during this period, and that Manupiti was the Earthside base station for them, and there is (in Turn A's age) a fuctioning mass driver in Manupiti. After several hundred years, however, another space war erupted and the orbital elevators were destroyed. The remains of the orbital elevators falling from space caused massive damage to Earth, and it is said that some of these parts were later used to built the Sackträger in Manupiti's legends of the Branch of Ades. That the parts of the orbital elevators were used to build the Sackträger is not true, however, as they were products of entirely different ages; The elevator collapse was such a huge disaster that as ages passed it continued to be passed down and memories and records of history ended up getting compressed and combining the records of the two completely different megastructures. Also, the helmet worn by the king of Manupiti is based on astronaut helmets from long ago. Either way,the fixed orbital elevator was never rebuilt, and instead the rotation-type Sackträger was built instead. Sackträger is a name in a language of ancient Europe (currently Galia in Turn A), German, which means "bagworm", and was presumably named as such because the elevator climbing up and down looked like a massive bagworm from the ground. There are no records of why the name is in German.
    About cold sleep
    While cold sleep usually doesn't result in dreaming, they have the technology to force someone in cold sleep to dream, and use it on criminals as punishment. Because of the massive amounts of time the people spend in dreams, aware that they're dreaming, they end up being driven insane.
    So yeah, that's the difference between regular cold sleep and the "reitou-kei" (punishment by being frozen) that Coren was subjected to, and why he's bonkers.
    -Moonrace moved to the moon AFTER the sacktrager was built
    -Eco terrorists tried to wipe out mankind with DG cells
    -Apparently at some point mankind in the Gundam universe went full fucking Macross, expanding to other star systems and creating a pan-galactic transport/communications network
    -There was a project to turn the moon into a death star and the huge trench seen in Turn A was going to be a track for a massive particle cannon (the project itself never came to fruition)
    Random bits from Tomino
    -Japanese people were happier in World War II because they had a goal to live for ("kill the evil yanks") and didn't expect to be able to live long.
    -It's like aids patients with children who don't have the disease. People need to be reminded of death to be able to really live.
    -Japan's cheerfulness during WW2 was wrong though. It was a bright society, but a healthy society is one with a good dose of darkness and poison.
    -I ever go brain-dead just kill me. I'd rather die than be a vegetable.
    -Turn A has nothing to do with Israel because Israel is a RELIGIOUS problem, and religion was purposely left out of Turn A. Religion is the source of all of mankind's problems. Religion is crazy.
    -All of mankind should just revert to animism

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