Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dark Souls 3: Unused item descriptions

Update (November 2016):  I'm taking this post down because it's been ages since I even bothered with this, and yet Reddit users are STILL harassing me. And yet at the same time they're still quoting the stuff I wrote because I don't even know the fuck why. I'm thus taking it down.

If you're not from Reddit and came here looking for info, I'm sorry, but I'd rather nobody see that stuff than have to put up with this bullshit.

I'm leaving the stuff from April detailing what happened before up anyway because Reddit is a fucking shithole:


I'm no longer updating this post due to numerous unprovoked attacks and harrassment on me by Reddit.

Sufferix not only trolled by threads but also went around insulting me in other completely unrelated threads that I wasn't even in, and  then there's this Valfreze guy.

-Can't handle basic Japanese grammar
-Doesn't know how to use the words he does know
-Is clearly using words he DOESN'T know that he pulled from an online English-Japanese dictionary or something (can't be a proper Japanese dictionary since that would tell him how to fucking use the words)
-Thinks that the form of language used by newspaper articles, official documents issued by the state, business contracts, academic papers and such, is the sort of language used on 2channel and derails the thread with a load of bullshit based solely on this ignorant dumbfuckery


Anyway I asked one of the Dark Souls 3 threads on 2channel to take a look at this nonsense.

Looks like the "JP community" he claims to be a member seems to agree that he's a fucking idiot.

Also, get a load of these chucklefucks (note the title of the thread).

So yeah, I wish to be no part of the English-speaking Dark Souls "community" and will no longer do anything that could be taken as contributing to it in any way.


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  2. Just a quick question, is it possible to equip Crown of the Old Lord in-game? If so, does it have a model or any textures on it?

  3. In the primaGames guide, in the Small Doll's description, it says: Crest opening the way to Fort Faran, home to the Undead Corps. Passed down to cursed undead warriors, the stench of death still lingers. Perhaps Freise of Vinheim will have some use for it...

    1. I found this to in my guide book

  4. 以上のスクショをアップしてくれてありがとうございますm(. ___ .)m

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