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Gundam UC interviews, script clarifications for OVA episode 7

Gundam UC #7 script stuff

-Full Frontal's mask glowing DOES mean he's controlling the Neo Zeong remotely.
-When he says he's no longer empty "his face looks, unlike before, like an actual human's- albeit that of one mired in regret". When he removes his mask Syam picks up that there's now something different about him. (i.e. When he addresses Full Frontal as the ghost of Char he meant it literally)
-Only the gatling guns attached to the shields are destroyed by the psycho shard (and not the shields themselves, in the case of the shields).
-The sequence where Banagher and Full Frontal see time is caused by the Sinanju and Unicorn's psychoframes resonating. This is described as vision pouring into their heads as their minds being taken to different space-times.
-When their psyches reach the end of time the Neo Zeong (and Unicorn, though it's not seen in the OVA) start to crumble. There's no actual explanation as to why this happens, even in the script, it just does (the light stops the Unicorn from crumbling and accelerates the Neo Zeong's)
-"I leave it to you" is described as "the voice of one who is becoming one with space", and the person speaking is not "Frontal" but "voice" which is what is listed for Char, Amuro and Lalah.
-Yes Syam dies, and his death is what activates the Magallanica's system which transforms it into a battleship.
-Minerva's speech is hijacking all the satellites via supernatural means (this is what Alberto means when he says the Unicorn is relaying the message)
-Martha is proud of Alberto and the hand on shoulder and expression are supposed to mean she thinks he's grown up and now resembles his father
-Zinneman sees Marida and his wife and daughter in the psychofield's light
-Also the psychoframe turning to crystals isn't in the script either, instead it describes the exterior armour of the Unicorn crumbling away under the colony laser, leaving only the glowing psychoframe exposed, turning the Unicorn into a "giant of light".  Marida talks to Banagher and his will becomes one with the universe, and at the end the Unicorn's light becomes a giant unicorn of light (instead of the crystal burst thing). After the colony laser is stopped the Unicorn is shrouded in a cocoon of light (instead of the crystal thing). Also all the green lights in the show (like the psycho field used to stop the laser) are described as rainbow-coloured in the script.
-When Angelo finds Frontal's body he realises that he has left for someplace else and his last expression is supposed to convey both a feeling of loss as well as of release. Also stated that you're not supposed to be able to see Frontal's face at the end when Angelo finds him.
-No mention of Ables' (the base commanders') secretary so the glances she and Martha exchange at the end are still mysteries.
-The script has them drag Banagher out of rainbow mode BEFORE he confronts the Revil's MS. It ends before they show up.

A live talk thing with Fukui and Ogura Shinya (the guy who helped him write the setting stuff) from 6th June 2014, was broadcast live on Bandai Channel.
- Fukui is completely clueless about the hard science stuff needed for science fiction and Sunrise sent him a guy to consult about Lagrange points and such (e.g. Few people, Fukui included, know how far away the moon is from Earth. That is to say, a lot further than they think)
-Fukui has less creative control than you might think, because Sunrise has to approve of stuff
-UC becoming an anime was 100% confirmed from before he even started writing it
-The cut of Gryps 2 first appearing as a small dot in front of the sun is an homage to the Gand Rowa from Ideon
-The cut of the crystal unicorn flying away was supposed to be an homage to Turn A's moonlight butterfly
-Fukui has no idea how the moonlight butterfly works, says Tomino probably doesn't either
-Fukui was thinking of Ideon when writing about the psychoframe- A robot which gathers the will of people and gains infinite power
-Also he thinks CCA's psychoframe's T stands for Tomino
-After the events of UC: Banshee sealed away on Earth, Unicorn on Magellanica.
-People are scared of psychoframe technology and they stop researching it.


Source: Kidou Senshi Gundam Official Setting Materials: Anaheim Journal UC 0083-0099 (機動戦士ガンダム 公式設定資料集 アナハイム・ジャーナル U.C.0083-0099)
Melanie Hue Carbine is a Jew who became a refugee due to conflicts in the middle east, and went to New Hong Kong to learn the ropes of business. His ultimate objective is to get all the people on Earth to move into space colonies, and take back the holy land of Israel for the Jews.

Great Mechanics summer 2014 issue, Gundam UC episode 7 special
Neo Zeong-related stuff from Genma Nobuhiko
-They'd already decided on changing the final boss of the OVA as of episode 3 (when the novel had just ended)
-Having a Zeong variant was Katoki's idea, who wanted something incomplete.
-Someone jokingly said "so, what, like a Neo Zeong?" and they all went "that'd be PERFECT"
-It was originally going to be small enough that you could see the Sinanju's legs under the skirt, but they changed it because they wanted to have it literally carry the Unicorn through time
-When ordering the design they wanted something godly, as well as something spider-like that would trap the Unicorn in a web.
-That's why they decided to increase the number of arms, and have it carry a ring on its back.
-The form with the aureola was originally meant to be its default state.
-The part with the Unicorn and Sinanju's fistfight was done by Takaya Hirotoshi.
-The Psychofield is a "world" in which something a person pictures can be made to come true, and Frontal's desire to take away his opponent's ability to fight resulted in their weapons being destroyed
-The Neo Zeong uses its psychoshard to create a pseudo psychofield, and thus make the Axis Shock replicable by artificial means.
-The Ideon sword sound effect used when they return from the void was Fukui Harutoshi's idea. (He had also previously said in a 2010 talkshow that the psychoframe is Ideonite)
-Upon return from the void, the Neo Zeong's armour was weakened to the point that a mere touch would cause it to crumble. This is because when Full Frontal finally understood Banagher's will, the psychofield responded to this by taking away the Neo Zeong's ability to fight by making it disintegrate.
Interview with director Furuhashi Kazuhiro
-They wanted to reduce the number of fights in episode 7 because Audrey and Banagher's wish is to stop the conflict
-While 40,000 people died at Dakar in the novels, in the OVA most of the damage done was to buildings because it was a holiday. People living at Torrington were affiliated with the army (soldiers and their family) so there was no declaration of war after that either. Frontal had no intention of starting a war, the attacks were mostly to let the Zeon remnants let off some steam.
-When Frontal says that he doesn't want to fight, he really means it, and the Neo Zeong is proof of that.
-The Neo Zeong's capabilities  are in order to not fight. Frontal wanted to convince Banagher up to the very end, and so to him the fight against the Unicorn and Banshee was more of a performance to break their will.
-The reason Banagher didn't shoot Rony was because he's not a soldier or warrior. Even if Lony was a killer and criminal, if he'd shot her then he would've lost what makes him human.
-Frontal was tired, but didn't realise it, and needed someone to tell him that. That was Lalah, as a mother figure. This made him realise that he was no longer a child, but in the position of a parent, and by becoming a father figure he could tell Banagher to go ahead and try to overcome despair. The theme of parent and child was a recurring one in the novels, but Frontal was an exception, so they decided to change that in the OVA.
-Fukui wanted the time travel sequence to be just a vision, but Furuhashi felt that since the psychoframe can move entire stars it wouldn't be strange at all if they literally travelled through time. In the end they just settled on them flashing through the memories of the universe itself.
-The spirits of spacenoids are forming a sort of other dimension around the Earth, and that's why Dagza and Gilbore who died could come back to help out.
-Furuhashi thought they'd foreshadowed all this enough, but because apparently many people thought it was pretty sudden, he thinks this requires some reflecting on, but has no regrets.
-At the beginning Frontal would only have talked to Banagher via comms, but we wanted them to meet in person. This led to the Neo Zeong's ability to take over computer systems.
-Conroy not being able to shoot his comrades despite being a soldier was due to him being influenced by Banagher.
-The Unicorn on its own would not have been able to stop the colony laser. At first they thought they'd have it use the Neo Zeong's shattered psychoframe, to keep it from seeming too powerful, and to make it clear that this would be a one-time miracle.
-Bright does not have the authority to arrest Martha, only have her come along with him of her own will. If he'd stopped the colony laser by force he would've been executed for treason.
-They had to cut several parts of the ending due to its length. There was originally going to be a scene of Frontal's mansion, with the roses wilted.
Interview with Fukui Harutoshi
-OVA was going to be four episodes but he immediately went to yell at people and they made it six but said there definitely wouldn't be a seventh.
-Wanting to give Full Frontal more focus was Furuhashi's idea. In the novels, defeating Frontal was something like exorcising a ghost, but in the OVA it's more like helping it to pass on to the afterlife. Having "those two" (ambiguous on WHICH two but CCA is mentioned so probably Amuro and Char) show up to bring him with them was Fukui's idea.
-Interviewer: "But they were just MIA in CCA!" Fukui: "Hey I didn't say they're dead (laugh)"
-Becoming a true newtype is a goal all mankind should reach someday, and so Banagher becoming one should actually be celebrated. Instead everyone asked him to come back, which is kind of contradictory, but that's what it means to be human.
-UC was made for adults, for the generation that watched the original Gundam and has grown up and become fathers to a new generation.
-If you have a child it's natural for you to want to make the world a better place, but at the same time nobody would want to let their children run free in a world that's completely different to what they've lived in all their life.
-It comes natural to children to want to explore new and unknown frontiers, but not to adults. To him, this is what it means to be an oldtype.
-The original Gundam was popular because of its depictions of human feelings and how Amuro came back at the end, but CCA showed the negative side of humanity.
-He wanted this to be a sort of antithesis to Char's "this warmth will one day destroy even Earth", but the negative connotations still leave a stronger impression.
-In UC Banagher comes back because of human feelings, but at the same time knows that the world as it is can still be made a better one. Newtypes are representative of this, but there's no need to actually become a "god".  This is contradictory, but that's what makes it human.
-Fukui thinks that after the events of Unicorn, Riddhe probably left the army to follow his father into politics (judging from other stuff it's not up to him but for Sunrise to decide)
-Fukui thought actually having them really travel through time would not be Gundam-like and would make the psychoframe too ridiculous and insisted that they leave it as a mental/spiritual thing.
-Some people think Mineva wearing the Zeon outfit during the speech is unnecessary, and silly because it could be seen as a provocation towards Earth. Fukui mentions that she didn't have time to change, and that to her that outfit is her formal wear. It's also to drive home the message that she's the real Mineva, and not a message towards Earth but towards  Zeon, as their queen figure, saying that she won't allow them to use Laplace as an excuse to start trouble.
-Fukui and Furuhashi agreed on wanting to make UC not like contemporary anime (i.e. moe anime).
-Fukui thinks that fiction should give you something to bring back and use as sustenance for real life. If a film can't do that then it's just wasted two hours of your time with a load of lies.
(Important stuff only)
-The Unicorn's panels slide when it transforms, but there are some panels that are currently unused in its transformation, which suggest that it has another, third, form.
-Half a year has passed since Minerva's broadcast, and the federation hasn't managed to find Magellanica, Minerva, and the Unicorn.
Talk show with Fukui Harutoshi (Gundam UC's writer) and Ogata Naohiro (UC and G-Reco's producer)
"Is robot anime dead?"
tl;dr they don't answer that question but 2008/2009-2011 was the third time robot anime went into a recession and it's clearly not in a recession right now. Fukui jokingly says UC saved robot anime.
Evangelion is to blame for expensive DVDs (up till Eva people didn't think of trying to sell the shows themselves but tried to cash in on merchandising)
Raideen is mentioned as the grandfather of "god" robots like Ideon and Evangelion, things that don't necessarily listen to their pilots. Fukui says that a certain recent Gundam became a god too and implies that it was terrible.
Fukui forgot (Tsurugi) Tetsuya's name.
Ogata can't tell the difference between Great Mazinger and Getter 1.
Build Burning kits are selling better than G-Self kits.
Aida was going to be flat but Koyama insisted on making her breasts bigger
Tomino is going around yelling "die!" at animators in the middle of the night when he doesn't think they're doing a good enough job
Fukui says that Youkai Watch is this generation's Gundam. Gundam wasn't an otaku thing (like it is now) to the Gundam generation, it was an all-permeating thing that literally everyone knew about.
Favourite robot anime
Ogata: CCA
Fukui: Ideon movie 2
On Tomino
Ogata: Moved when Tomino saw Marnie and said "Those two at Ghibli make stuff about the past. I make stuff about the future."
Fukui: Tomino kicked him after he read the Turn A novelisation (that Fukui wrote). It was apparently a real, proper kick.
At the end Fukui asked if there were to be a UC part 2, if people would prefer a completely new cast or the same one.
Fukui: "So, is robot anime dead?"
Ogata: "If it were than Sunrise would be done for. Good thing we have Lovelive now!"
Ogata: "By the way, are you watching G-Reco?"
Fukui: "No, Tomino said the Gundam generation shouldn't watch it."
Ogata: "He's just tsundere!"
Fukui: "So I CAN watch it? Guess I'll go rent it!"
Fukui on Eva
"I watched Eva because a friend called me up and recommended it to me, saying that since I enjoyed Ideon I would definitely enjoy Eva. The first episode I watched was the blackout one with Gendou with his feet in a bucket and that left me confused. But the next episode I saw was the bloody one (Bardiel) and it impressed me. The one after it (Zeruel) was great too. The stuff after it was confusing and I thought it would take us somewhere special, and it certainly did."

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