Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dengeki Playstation vol. 616, SRW 25th anniversary Terada interview

Dengeki Playstation  vol. 616
Super Robot Taisen 25th anniversary interview with Terada Takanobu

Terada's favourite seishin is kiseki/miracle, his favourite part is mega booster, the robots he'd like to pilot in real life are "first Gundam, then an AT, then Combattler V", and he's been playing Gundam Breaker 3 at lot lately, using only Katoki designs repainted in Titans colour schemes.
He says that while you might not be able to tell from the outside, a lot has changed on the inside for SRW in the past five years.

F and F Final were the biggest turning point for the series. F Final was supposed to really be the final SRW game, and they put all their effort into it, but it ended up doing so well that the series continued. After that was Alpha, where they restarted the story from scratch, which also became a turning point for the battle animations. 2001's A was pretty big too as it marked the start of their portable releases which continue up till now, so it could be considered one of the pillars of the series.

Outside of the games themselves another thing that stands out to him is the commercials, especially the one for OGs where they made him run through Akihabara. It wasn't his idea.
The reasoning behind the series choices for a game change from game to game. How they choose series has changed a lot from before, though, because since the series has been going for 25 years the age group of the user base has spread out as well, so now they have to go through several meetings when choosing series.

They used to first decide on what the story would be like, and then choose the series that would fit in. Now they choose the series first, and then look for ways to connect them (through similar settings).

The plot for Alpha was done before they even started development. This was Terada's idea. But because the series for the final game hadn't been decided on when they first came up with the plot, Alpha 3 ended up completely different from what they had planned.

They try to mix up the game systems (platoons or single units, etc.) with each release so that users can choose what they like. In series like OG though they try to stick to the same system.
The idea for OG came from Cybuster. They thought that having an original enemy would be the best way to wrap up the story, and had plans to make a separate Cybuster game from the beginning (Lord of Elemental). After that they started making original characters the protagonists from 4 and on, and they got the idea to make a game with only originals.

One thing they constantly try to achieve is pleasing fans of the series used in SRW.

JAM Project approached SRW before they were formed, telling Terada of how there was going to be a group made of numerous anison singers, and he felt that it had a similar concept to SRW. He hears that since JAM is popular overseas, a lot of foreigners first learn of SRW through JAM's music. When making the theme songs, they give JAM a summary of the story and keywords to use as lyrics.

At the end he mentions again that a lot, including the market, has changed around SRW in the past five years, and he's been constantly been thinking of what to do in the next five years. He looks forward to doing another interview for the 30th anniversary.

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