Monday, July 18, 2016

LP- Super Robot Wars Alpha 3: To the End of the Galaxy (Chapters 3-4)

Briefing; The GGG people fill everyone in on the 31 machine progenitors.

The asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars is where the ES window is going to open. There've been gravitational anomalies there lately and Kouji says that space is unstable there, kind of like in the Bermuda Triangle. Hyouma teases him over how he's now explaining shit and all.

 Amuro formally introduces Cobray to Seolla and has them partner up for now since Arado is missing and all. Seolla hears about Cobray's amnesia and how all he knows right know is how to fight, and figures that Amuro left him to her because of how his situation is similar to the one she and Arado were in before.

Chapter 3: Counterattack! The 31 Machine Progenitors

The progenitors show up early. Londo Bell opens fire, taking out 13 of the 28 that had shown up before the stage actually starts.

After a few more are taken out J-Ark shows up. Judau comments on how it's the same size as Daitarn 3, and Amuro says to forget about it and just focus on the job at hand.

ZX-03 shows up on turn 4, and J finishes it off once it's defeated.

Of course since all the cores were perfectly fine, all the progenitors except for ZX-03 come right back and head off to Earth which means this whole stage was just a waste of time.

Ra Caillum gets a code AAA top priority emergency call saying to head over to point 0907 near Ikaros.

 Stage clear.

Hyouma asks why you aren't going right after the progenitors, but apparently this is higher priority. Besides, GGG says that the progenitors need time to regenerate from just their cores, so you can forget about them for the time being.

Reo tells the rest of Londo Bell about the ring (crossgate) that the Ra Cailum found before. Suddenly an alarm sounds off: An alien fleet has warped into the area (albeit through regular warp methods and not through the crossgate)

It's the Star Alliance. Objective: Get your ships past the aliens to the objective point, or just blow them up.

 I wipe out the enemies on turn 4 but of course it's too late: Torres says that an enemy fleet has arrived at point N0907

Chapter 4: The Gates of Hell Open

A single Balmar machine wipes out the federation fleet with its map attack, and the SRX is too heavily damaged to do anything. Mysterious Alien #1 who looks suspiciously like Euzeth Gozzo without his mask laughs at the SRX, calling it a pile of junk made by a traitor, and Mysterious Alien #2 who looks suspiciously like Laodicea says that it must have been some sort of weird mistake that the seventh fleet lost to Earth. Mysterious Alien #1(Hazar) says that the seventh fleet lost because Euzeth was being manipulated by Shivah all along, and that he died in the middle of nowhere because he was stupid enough to plot against the great Balmar empire.

Hazar decides to collect a sample and recover the tronium. Mysterious Alien #2 (Ephesus) says he should leave the rest to them, but Hazar throws his weight around, wanting to prove himself to his father, and sends Ephesus over to guard the crossgate. He also lets it drop that Balmar didn't make the gate- they're just making use of it- and this is apparently the first time (he notes how this has proven how useful they can be). He also bosses Ace around, calling him a "puppet", and has him accompany Ephesus.

Hazar: "SRX... Ryuusei Date... The time has come to test your power. I'll see if you're worthy of becoming a sacrifice, in place of my father."

Ryuusei wants to fight but the only weapon left functioning is the right arm's hi-finger launcher. Rai and Aya calm him down and they try to escape, but Hazar has the m'gilah surround the SRX.

Londo Bell arrives, and Hazar decides to show off to them by shooting of psychic shit at Aya.
Cobray seems to recognise the SRX and Vayikran, and wonders why.

Hazar approaches the SRX, which can't move. He decides to play fair and forces the Uranus System to start up. The engine output goes up, and Ryuusei decides to charge the Vayikran. Rai points out that it's clearly a trap, but Ryuusei says they have no alternatives.

The Vayikran easily defeats the SRX. Hazar recovers the tronium and says he destroyed the SRX's T-LINK system and its core (killing Aya), then laughs at them.

The Balmar forces withdraw, and Londo Bell recovers Ryuusei and Rai from the remains of the SRX before it explodes.

Everyone is shocked by the SRX's defeat and Aya's supposed death, but Tetsuya says they don't have time to get all sentimental- The enemy's still out there, and they're going to have to fight them. Amuro says there's no such thing as a war where nothing is lost, and Ryouma says you just have to overcome your grief and inherit the wishes of the fallen, like the Getter team did with Musashi.

Reo debriefs Londo Bell on the situation, telling them about the ring functioning as a gate (big surprise) and how it's clear that the unknowns showing up lately were Balmar forces (big surprise #2). He does point out that the crossgate clearly isn't their own tech, though: If they had the technology to warp such a gigantic device over to Earth then they probably would've just warped their fleet over instead.

They're worried that the gate is connected directly to the Balmar home planet, which would mean unlimited instant reinforcements. They need to recapture the gate, but Balmar is already guarding it with a significant amount of forces. Taiga enters the room with news on the other enemies: They lost track of the progenitor cores, and the alien alliance is gathering their forces on the edge of the Earth sphere. The Earth Federation is preparing for a large-scale operation near the moon, and Londo Bell is going to participate in this as well.

Meanwhile, Cobray feels deja vu from the SRX-related names and wonders if they have something to do with his lost memories. He asks Amuro for data on the gate, thinking it'll help him remember stuff, but the data is AAA class which means not even Amuro can get it.

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