About me and this blog

I'm a nerd interested in nerdy stuff. I've loved Japanese games and stuff pretty much all my life, and my job moved me to Tokyo in early 2011 (I'd already been handling the Japanese language on a native level and been traveling to Tokyo several times a year before as part of my job for a long time before that).

I'm usually far more active on my main blog, wotn where I generally just post about recent purchases (video games, comic books, toys, all that sort of stuff), or on Twitter, though I mainly tweet in Japanese.

Being fluent in both English and Japanese lets me see lots of bad/stupid/funny/ridiculous translation errors of all sorts, as well as really weird localisation choices. I sometimes tweet about that stuff, or post about it on forums or whatever, but figured I might as well dump it all on a blog, and here we are.

It's also somewhat of a hobby for me to point out bad translations and other similar travesties that result from stupid people who don't understand a language (most of the time Japanese, but sometimes Japanese people with English) who persist in pretending that they do. Up till now I'd just mention stuff on IRC or Twitter or a forum/BBS post somewhere and that would be that, but I figured it might be interesting to archive my findings.

I am fluent in English and Japanese, the former being my first language (despite what those retards on newsoku may say every time something I post is brought up on 2channel, though that's probably just them being lunatics), I have handled translation work on a professional basis before, but as it was mostly presentations and documentation for corporations, I can't exactly point you out to stuff I've worked on (and I wouldn't be willing to do so anyway because this is the internet and everyone is evil hackers out to steal your jigobites so they can hack your webcams and watch you pee). But I passed JLPT1 more than a decade ago and do kind of live in Japan (working for a Japanese company too, so don't give me that "you must be an English teacher" bullshit). So keep that in mind before you go shooting your mouth on about me lying about understanding Japanese (I've seriously lost count of the number of times fansubbers gave me this bullshit upon my pointing out of how they obviously don't even understand basic Japanese grammar; Also wiki editors pretending to be experts on Japanese books they've never read or video games they've never played).

Yes I mad.

This blog will mostly be about Japanese to English translations but I'd just like to add that I've also pointed out translation mistakes in fan translations of English games on 2channel only to have the idiot fan translators tell me to go back to studying middle school English. In Japan. Because they're assuming that I'm Japanese. Only I'm not and ENGLISH IS MY NATIVE FUCKING LANGUAGE YOU STUPID CUNTS.

Anyway yeah this is going way off track. tl;dr I'm fluent in English and Japanese, live in Japan, and know my shit, so unless you know your shit, don't question my shit. But if you do know your shit, then by all means do feel free to question my shit. But, and I cannot stress this enough, only if. It's simple and should go without saying but god damn the internet has way too many self-proclaimed Japan experts.

As you can see I don't update this blog frequently; I don't go looking for stuff to put on it, I just put stuff on it when I run into appropriate stuff.

Also sometimes I just translate shit and post it here because hell why not. I also have some LP shit done elsewhere that I wanted to transfer here and sort of started doing so but it was way more tedious than I thought and I quit right after starting. I'll probably get back to doing it someday. Eventually.


最近では比較的にマシになってきたが、日本のアニメやゲームの英翻訳は昔からかなり酷いことが多く、英語と日本語が分かるといろんな誤訳や珍訳、駄訳、変なローカリゼーションが目立つようになります。本ブログは、そういった「酷い翻訳」を取り上げ、英語圏の人たちにどこがおかしいかと解説するブログです。前々からたまにこうしたものについてツイートをしているが、やはり文字制限はきついしどうせならどこかでまとめたいと思ったのでこのブログを作りました。 あとたまにマニアックな情報を翻訳して載せたりするかもしれない(てか最近はむしろこっちがメインのような…)。国は嫌いなのであえてそれについては言及しません。それをいいことに、ブログやツイッターが2ちゃんねるとかに晒されると毎回「中国人」だの「韓国人」だのと書かれるが、少なくとも母語は英語です。韓国語は知らんし中国語はニーハオとショーロンポーと大魔術熊猫豆腐くらいしか知りません。





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    1. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask

      But I wanted to ask some things regarding Demonbane. First, is there any mention of the status of Kurou and Al (Elder God forms and if applicable, their more normal counterparts) after "D" came in and destroyed almost everything?

      Also, has Hageneya released any info regarding Demonbane? Is he still playing Kancolle? ._.