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Project D2

See the complete Demonbane pastebin for everything including project D2 

Nitroplus 10th anniversary book Nitroplus Complete
Project D2 proposal by Haganeya Jin
(Some additional details from Haganeya's twitter:
Summary + partial translation

Demonbane's Big Bang Impact destroys all the Great Old Ones, all the Outer Gods (including all avatars of Nyarlathotep and Yog-Sothoth and Shub-Niggurath), the solar system, the galaxy, other galaxies, and then the entire universe, and lets off a metallic warcry, that might also be a cry of lamentation, in the midst of the void where even time has ceased to exist. But it still hides a glimmer of hope in its heart.

A turbulent age filled with wars fought by magic. Hadou Zaibatsu clashes with the Church of Starry Wisdom. Daijuuji Kuzaku and Demonbane Twosword's world. A failed summoning of a dark god fractures the world, turning it into a game for the chaos. The knight chases the gamekeeper across worlds. The fight against Another Blood, and Nyarlathotep's trap. Kuzaku accepts his other self, and breaks Nyarlathotep's machinations. But still, the fight between good and evil continues forever after, and forever before.
(*The first bit seems to be from the old Demonbane 2 ideas from Haganeya's blog, while the latter parts are the events of Kishinhishou)

A cult, the August Party, that claim to be apostles of the Elder Gods, summons a giant of light (that yells "shuwatch") called Alpha-Omega to purify (destroy) Arkham City. A guy named George, who refers to Winfield as his master, tries fighting it barehanded but can't do anything, and slots a card from his "spell deck: Necronomicon" into his gauntlet to summon his deus machina, Goliath. He controls the Goliath with the gauntlet and cards too.
Hadou Zaibatsu's fight against magic societies continue with or without Kuzaku. The Church of Cthulhu, the Esoteric Order of Dagon, the August Party, Darkness Dawn led by Raal Robdy (*from prequel novel Kishintaidou), Neo Black Lodge which plans its Moonchild Project, Silver Twilight, Twilight Angel, Enovelch (from Vjedogonia; Supposedly means "heretic" in Russian and I'm 99% sure I'm spelling it wrong), and Starry Wisdom which stands behind all of them.
Ruri is still commander, but doesn't want to wear her old uniform because she's now in her thirties and thinks the skirt is too short (Winfield has her change into it anyway).

Allison transforms into Metatron (also her monologue includes "with great power comes great responsibility") and fights the Magnificent Five Hundred and Twelve of Glyu-Vho, superhuman freaks who use the power of the elder gods. A girl flying through the sky with an umbrella ("like Mary Poppins"), Hinterstoisser shows up and defeats them instead, and attacks Metatron, transforming into Mahoushoujo Sandalphon.
(*Hinterstoisser was mentioned before on Haganeya Jin's twitter; She's actually a boy in drag, and used to work for Neo Black Lodge which is headed by Vespasianus but betrayed them)

Colin is now a magic detective, and a flamboyantly gay man who refers to himself as a jester shows up with a job for him: He wants Colin to look after a girl- De Vermis Mysteriis. He says that she will guide Colin someday, and apologises for the trouble his corpse gave them before disappearing.
(Twitter has confirmation that this is a non-evil Tiberius from the happy end route where Black Lodge doesn't exist, who works with the elder gods; Note that Kuzaku's world = this world is the true end world where Kurou and Al left, NOT the happy end world which is where Kuzaku headed to in Kishinhishou)

Chiaki confronts Doctor West, true genius, mad scientist, shining star of Arkham City (reason for shine: Strontium-90) in his secret lab.
"Let me introduce our members robo! Guitar: Doctor West!"
"Drums: Pickman!"
"Violin: Erich!"
Their band name is Houkago Part-time (760 Yen Per Hour/Experience Preferred)
West parodies some of Ranka Lee's lines. Chiaki pulls out a gun and says she's come to stop the Gamekeeper. Behind West is his current project- the broken parts of the Clockwork Phantom (see: Kishinhishou).
Chiaki takes out her D-Phone (like iPhone, only D) and summons Little Aida (from Gunshinkyoushuu; The machine language copy of the Necronomicon; Formerly taking the form of punchcards) who is now the mother computer of all of Arkham City's systems. Chiaki and L.A. fight West and Elza, while the Clockwork Phantom countinues to sleep.

The storm blows not just through Arkham City, butin the rest of the fractured world as well. The two Kuzakus and Demonbane Twosword continue their fight through time and space.
"So this is the world of Vjedogonia."
"No it's not. What are you saying?"
"I'm just a Demonbane passing by!"
Two of Daijuuji Kuzaku- One is the boy knight also known as Two Sword/Two Gun. The other, the crimson girl also known as Another Blood. (*P.S. this is a Kishinhishou spoiler)
Though they once fought and tried to destroy each other, shit happened (see: Kishinhishou) and they now fight alongside.
Each shard of the fractured world is governed by its own rules, the rules of a game board set by Nyarlathotep. Once they had to fight a dragon at the depths of a labyrinth. Another time they had to turn Demonbane Twosord into a pirate ship to fight a ghost ship.
The game of chaos continues. The fight of the two swords that cleave evil continues. A bell rings.

"Hey there! You must be the new transfer students! I'm the student council chairman of Miskatonic Academy, Perdurabo! Let me show you around the campus! We may have a couple of delinquents but they're all nice people deep down! I'm sure you'll fit in just fine! ...What's the matter, Etheldreda?"
"Master... You jest too much."
The fight of the two swords that cleave evil continues.

Fractured space and time. The world ruled by rules. The game of chaos. The players attempting to clear the game. The gamekeeper, the chaos, laughs at all of it.
What is the point of this game? What sort of schemes are the dark god planning? Should you care to ask, some may laugh at you, saying that humans could not possibly understand the machinations of the gods.
But the chaos with three burning eyes, being the most humanlike of the gods, and having an odd sense of obligation, might just answer.
"I'm just middle management, after all. My objective remains the same. I serve the gods- Regardless of what sort of god they are."

This is an entirely different story. A story that cannot exist, unrelated to all other stories. The saga of a great magician, whose name is---
Awakening from his dreams, he looks down on the ruins of Arkham City from what remains of the Miskatonic clock tower.
The world lost to the dark gods. Not just Cthulhu, but all the CCDs returned and destroyed the Earth. Those who died were lucky, as those who survived became servants to the dark gods.
Even so, some of the men of the previous age survived, and this great magician was one of them.
Everything was taken from him- The warmth, the pain, the world he'd sworn to protect, the love he'd sworn to protect. But he still clings on to one last thing- Hate.
Hatred for evil keeps the great magician alive. He calls upon his grimoire, the Al Azif. Its power allows its to manifest itself as an avatar, an indescribable monster, something not unlike the dark gods that destroyed this world, that drives those who see it mad from fear.
But the magicians has no fear left. He transforms into magius style and summons Demonbane. All the CCDs in Arkham see it, but it's too late, and its Atlantis Strike destroys not just them but everything within a fifty mile radius- Arkham, Innsmouth, and Dunwich.
This is a story that cannot exist, unrelated to all other stories. The saga of a great magician, whose name is---
None know his name. But some look at his black garb and call him Crow, while some look at how he tears apart evil and call him Claw.
He and Demonbane reached a simple conclusion. If you want to destroy something, you have to go for the head.
The destruction of the Creator, Azathoth, is the will of Demonbane.
But the universe is but a dream of Azathoth. If Azathoth is destroyed, the universe... and all universes, will go with him.
But Demonbane does not hesitate- It is the sword that cleaves evil, and that is what it will do.

The game of chaos Daijuuji Kuzaku continues to play has an unexpected twist. His greatest enemy, the world's greatest enemy.
It is not a laughing god, but a merciless destroyer.
All-out war between the destroyer and the world. Those who witness this new saga will call it


*The manga DYN Freaks written by Haganeya Jin seems to be connected to this setting. Also see: DYN Memo

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Let's play: Super Robot Wars Scramble Commander the 2nd (1)

Have a separate Twitter account just for realtime updates on this LP.

So yeah, I got Scramble Commander 2 for 800 yen. Never played this (or SC1) before. It's not a direct sequel to SC1, just numbered 2 because it has the same system (it's an RTS).

No videos. I don't have any capture shit. Just text and pictures. 

*Now that I've actually played it though it's pretty good so I'll probably advance a a decent enough speed

Blah blah blah MU attacked 15 years ago and Tokyo Jupiter, Macross drops from the sky ten years ago and there was a war over it, one year war and shit, five years ago the gitaijuu from Godannar were starting to fuck everyone over but "tokki" (tokushukidouheiki = "special mobile weapon" = super robots) were mass produced and beat them. Super robot were considered overpowered and a bunch of laws were put into place to limit their use. And now it's the year 74 of the New Earth Calendar, and the Anti Alien Assembly (A3), an organization in charge of looking over alien overtechnology, is about to face a new conflict.

 An unidentified unit entered airspace under A3 jurisdiction and Dancouga and main character Keiji Tachibana (in an airplane) sortie to stop it. Keiji gets shot down, but Dancouga manages to take out the unit, which crashes near Keiji.

Keiji inspects it, and finds that the pilot was dead from unknown reasons (no serious wounds, robot itself barely damaged).

More enemies of unknown affiliation attack, but it's just Hizacks this time. It might be the Titans, but there's no IFF.

Shinobu asks Keiji to try using the enemy unit since it's barely scratched. He hasn't used any robots before (fighter pilot) but eh whatever.


Right stick and R1/R2: Camera
D-pad up/down: Change unit
O: Menu

Menu makes it looks like it's generally just the usual stuff only in 3D realtime.

There are movement commands to prioritise battle or movement, and using square instead of circle sets waypoints. Units have fields of view that also serve as their engagement zones; Enemies not seen by any of your units are invisible, but you tell vaguely where they are by red dots on the dark areas of the map.
Units have tactical settings: The ones available on the first stage are offence, defence, and avoid engagement. There's also a range setting for your unit to keep at, which also determines which attacks they use (there are no attack commands; Units fight automatically depending on their tactical settings).
There's also a manual mode that lets you control a single unit in case the pathfinding goes full retard on you or something.

(Also the tutorial reveals the name of the original before the story did, Habakiri)

First stage starts. Dancouga fights some enemies while Keiji gets out of the way, but enemy reinforcements show up and target him, leaving him with no choice but to fight. He handles the robot decently, and Shinobu mentions that he's also known as the "Scarface Kid".

After the battle Keiji feels sick, and not just because the enemy pilot's corpse is still in the cockpit with him- He feels like something is sucking his very soul out. He also says that he doesn't like the nickname; The scar's nothing special, it's something he got as a kid.

The operator, Valentina, mentions that the unknown unit's energy readings rival that of the Dancouga: It's a tokki, in other words, and because of all the laws around them (they're basically treated like WMDs) this might get troublesome.

Meanwhile in a mysterious place, a mysterious man who resembles a mysterious blue cosmos mysterious Djibril talks to other mysterious people. ???Djibril is mad that the Zero One was taken by A3. ???2 explains that the Zero One's celestial reactor requires the pilot's brain to be compatible with it, and that it's Djibril's own damn fault for insisting they use one of his cronies. ???3 worries about A3 having the Zero One but ???2 doesn't care; It may have a celestial reactor, but the frame is conventional and nothing special compared to what they're going to make.

Back at A3's HQ in South Atalia, Kouji's excited because Mazinger Z's arriving. Ryou explains that producing and possessing tokki strictly controlled which makes the unidentified super robot also super illegal, and Professor Hazuki mentions that he found what seems to be its name printed on the unit (SS01-Habakiri) and that the Titans claimed that the Hizacks that attacked A3 were like totally stolen by AEUG or Karaba or someone for sure, true story.

Mykene attacks the Mazinger Z in transit, and Dancouga and Kouji (pilder) sortie, with Keiji joining them in the Habakiri.

There's another tutorial, unlocking four new tactical commands: Charge (increases offense and decreases defense), snipe (duh), decoy (do less damage but draw enemy attention), and delay (try to stop enemies where they are).

Mykene's kikaijuu are fucking tiny compared to the Dancouga which punts them around like ugly little footballs. After the battle Keiji feels himself becoming one with the Habakiri.

Hazuki is puzzled about the Habakiri's reactor and has suspicions about it (he says he saw something ismilar nine years ago); He shoots off a few messages, and immediately gets replies from professors Aoi and Yotsuya who want to see the thing in person.

Combattler V's Battle Team arrives at South Atalia to escort the Habakiri to Dannar Base for further inspection. Dancouga will be guarding it along the way too.

They run into magma beasts which they blow up along the way, and end up heading to the Nanbara Connection first. There's also a new tutorial on air/space movement and special moves.

The Habakiri has Yotsuya think of a professor Soga, further confirming Hazuki's suspicions. Hyouma referring to the Connection as home has Keiji think about home and family, and resolve to forget about both.

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Turn A Gundam Complete Record Collection 2

Just some stuff from this book (and no, I don't have the first volume. May get it later.)

    Stuff translated from Turn A Gundam Complete Record Collection 2: The Memory of Second Wind
    About the Sackträger (ties in to G-Reco stuff)
    At the end of the Universal Century, it seemed that the countless space wars would finally come to an end, but the unending consumption had reduced Earth's resources close to zero. During this age, Earth was still the center of human civilization, and mankind sought to restore civilization on Earth. To do this they needed massive amounts of materials, which had to be mined from asteroids which were moved near to Earth. The Sackträger's predecessor, the fixed orbital elevator, was built in order to make moving the mined resources down to Earth easier. This megastructure was also supposed to be a symbol of peace, and Earth did in fact have peace for a few hundred years after the construction of the orbital elevator. It seems that there might have been several orbital elevators during this period, and that Manupiti was the Earthside base station for them, and there is (in Turn A's age) a fuctioning mass driver in Manupiti. After several hundred years, however, another space war erupted and the orbital elevators were destroyed. The remains of the orbital elevators falling from space caused massive damage to Earth, and it is said that some of these parts were later used to built the Sackträger in Manupiti's legends of the Branch of Ades. That the parts of the orbital elevators were used to build the Sackträger is not true, however, as they were products of entirely different ages; The elevator collapse was such a huge disaster that as ages passed it continued to be passed down and memories and records of history ended up getting compressed and combining the records of the two completely different megastructures. Also, the helmet worn by the king of Manupiti is based on astronaut helmets from long ago. Either way,the fixed orbital elevator was never rebuilt, and instead the rotation-type Sackträger was built instead. Sackträger is a name in a language of ancient Europe (currently Galia in Turn A), German, which means "bagworm", and was presumably named as such because the elevator climbing up and down looked like a massive bagworm from the ground. There are no records of why the name is in German.
    About cold sleep
    While cold sleep usually doesn't result in dreaming, they have the technology to force someone in cold sleep to dream, and use it on criminals as punishment. Because of the massive amounts of time the people spend in dreams, aware that they're dreaming, they end up being driven insane.
    So yeah, that's the difference between regular cold sleep and the "reitou-kei" (punishment by being frozen) that Coren was subjected to, and why he's bonkers.
    -Moonrace moved to the moon AFTER the sacktrager was built
    -Eco terrorists tried to wipe out mankind with DG cells
    -Apparently at some point mankind in the Gundam universe went full fucking Macross, expanding to other star systems and creating a pan-galactic transport/communications network
    -There was a project to turn the moon into a death star and the huge trench seen in Turn A was going to be a track for a massive particle cannon (the project itself never came to fruition)
    Random bits from Tomino
    -Japanese people were happier in World War II because they had a goal to live for ("kill the evil yanks") and didn't expect to be able to live long.
    -It's like aids patients with children who don't have the disease. People need to be reminded of death to be able to really live.
    -Japan's cheerfulness during WW2 was wrong though. It was a bright society, but a healthy society is one with a good dose of darkness and poison.
    -I ever go brain-dead just kill me. I'd rather die than be a vegetable.
    -Turn A has nothing to do with Israel because Israel is a RELIGIOUS problem, and religion was purposely left out of Turn A. Religion is the source of all of mankind's problems. Religion is crazy.
    -All of mankind should just revert to animism

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DYN Memo

Some brainless fuck named Revenger on Spacebattles is linking to this post and yet somehow managing to get every single fucking thing wrong oh wow.

Here's the Demonbane timeline for those retards who say DYN Freaks and Blasterz aren't canon or are prequels or whatever the fuck the shit they have in place of brains can come up with:


Nothing to do with bad translations this time. Just translating stuff.

DYN Memo
Setting stuff (keywords and explanations) for the manga DYN Freaks by Haganeya Jin and Soratokumo, from Haganeya Jin's twitter.

Mashinkishi Knight Chaos『魔神騎士ナイトカオス』
Heisei remake of the Showa tokusatsu show Chaos Kamen. The protagonist obtains the Mask of Chaos and transforms into Knight Chaos, and fights monsters who possess other masks. In the movie Konton Taisen The Movie, the heroes of past series were redefined as people who had obtained other masks.

Himegami-ryuu 『秘神流』
A ryuuha from Nokigami domain (present day Chiba). Due to unnatural contortions and religious ritual-esque factors, it is not considered to be a competitive ryuuha. However there are records of a Japanese yojimbo who worked for the gangs in the US during the prohibition era who used this ryuuha.

Mugenshoujo Y series 『無限少女Y』シリーズ
Mystery novel series starring Yoguruma Mugen as a detective. The endings in which she manipulates causality to make the case fit her deductions were heavily criticised. Books released so far are: Thus All Is Equal to Y, The Void of the Nine-Headed Dragon, and When The Nighthawk Cries. A single live action movie was made but it was terrible.

Himegami-ryuu Ouga『秘神流 桜我』
A Himegami-ryuu technique that uses two swords. The first strike is a feint, and when the opponent dodges it he is attacked with the wakizashi. Urban legends say that a Japanese man wielding four swords known as "Bushido" was known to the underground in the US during the prohibition era.

Himegami-ryuu Benizakura『秘神流 紅桜』
The lost ougi of the Himegami-ryuu. The technique is said to have consisted of multiple slashes in a single movement.

Hunting Horror 『ハンティング・ホラー』
A motorcycle made for Knight Chaos by Asylum, created from magic theory. The basic theories are said to have existed since the pre-war period, but actual execution was not possible until now.

Asylum 『アサイラム』
The Asylum base (hospital) exists in a miniature universe the size of a single building made by the Clock's power. Because this is an artificial parallel world, it can (to some extent) stay free from the influence of Mugen's causality control.

Dra+Koi: The Leviathan at the End of the World 『竜†恋[Dra+KoI] このよのおわりのリヴァイアサン』
A world that had lost all of its romanticism had no way of defeating the dragon. All of mankind was devoured by the beast- Except for Him. This is not a tale of love. It is a tale of regret. "Your love will never come to anything." (Taken from the synopsis on the back of the game case)

Dragon 『ドラゴン』

The dragon's reverse scale on its neck (i.e. its weak spot) is also its G-spot, and it orgasms when killed.

Survival Z 『サバイバルZ』
A late 80's zombie movie. The protagonist, madman, kills a human and has to bear the guilt from his sin. The themes made it a cult favourite, but the sequels were simple horror action movies. The third film, made by a different director, was nominated for the Golden Raspberry worst film award.

Survival Z: Necrophile 『サバイバルZ:ネクロファイル』
Survival Z's popularity soared in the 00s after its remake. Necrophile is a serial drama that follows a serial killer known only as "he" or Necro. Some think that the woman in bandages is Necro, but this contradicts the clues currently available. Her chainsaw, the Banshee, was originally used by the protagonist of Survival Z.

Karasu 『鴉』
A supervillain from the United States. Further details unavailable.

Giant Mechanical Right Arm 『巨大な機械の右腕』
Further details unavailable.

Yoguruma 寄車
The origins of this word can be traced to the kurumamochibe bemin of the Yamato dynasty, the people in charge of the emperor's sedan chair. Reverse the word and you get 車寄/kurumayose which means entrance, door, or gate. In Showa 50 (1975),     an entity called Yogu-sama, Yoghurt-sama, or Yougusoutohoutofu became a subject of urban legends in City Y (he was said to fix broken toys). This is probably unrelated.

Zanmataisen Demonbane 『斬魔大戰デモンベイン』
(Note: This is taiSEN = great war, not the original game's taisei = great saint)
A world invaded by dark gods. A single magus, Crow, would not accept that mankind had lost. Fighting on with only his hatred, he transformed the robot he used into something fearsome. World War D- The tale of how the sword that smited evil turned into a destroyer far more terrifying than the dark gods it fought.

Daijuuji 大十字
(Note: Literally "big cross")
A Japanese surname seemingly sharing the same origins as "Tsuji" (辻). A large crossroad. The center of something. Crosses (juuji) are said to ward off evil in both western and eastern cultures. There is an interesting story about a Daijuuji in the late Edo period: A wandering swordsman named Daijuuji Hankurou met a mysterious child who called himself Genkurou-hougan-Yoshitsune, who left Hankurou a wounded fox and disappeared. After a day and night, the fox appeared to Hankurou in a dream in the guise of a beautiful woman, who promised him that as long as he lived a noble life, the Vairocana Buddha would protect him. When he awoke the fox was nowhere to be seen, and from then on Hankurou's house prospered, and he lived a long life free of illness.

Narukami 鳴神
A surname with its origins in Nagusa-gun of Kii-no-kuni (present-day Wakayama). The name can be seen among the hirake that participated in the battle of Dan-no-ura (Narukami Fujisuke). In the Nokigami* domain of the Edo period the Narukami clan taught the Hishin-ryuu kenjutsu over many generations. The branch clan was charged with the duty of kannushi of Hime Shrine in City Y, and the Daikokuten of the shrine was worshipped locally as "Narukami-sama", or "Nyarukami-sama" in dialect.
(*Nokigami seems to be a fictional domain/han from Japanese Cthulhu-related fiction)

Azana 阿坐名
Details unknown. Multiple theories on origins of the name. One says that it shares its origins with Asana (浅名). Another says that it shares origins with Azamino (莇野/阿座見野) which is derived azami (thistles). Another theory is that it's related to Asagami (阿座上). The "A" (阿) is the same as the one from A-un (阿吽), which means "beginning", while za (坐) comes from ima(su) (坐す) which means to be. Combined with na(名)=name, this creates "the name of that which was in the beginning", indicating god, according to researchers. [Who?][Citation needed]

The King of Ilek-Vad イレク=ヴァド王
A thin gentleman with silver hair and eyes filled with deep knowledge. Though he sits upon the Opal Throne of Ilek-Vad of the Dreamlands, he is from Earth. He is also the greatest hunter of the dark gods, the commander of a great fleet of starships that fights their minions.

Old Theb-Ald ティブ=アルド老
Details unknown. Possibly a man from Earth named Theobald.

Shinshoku rate 神蝕値
(*侵食/shinshoku usually means eaten away/corroded/corrupted, but the kanji which is usually violate+eat 侵食 is replace with 神蝕 god+infected/eroded).
A variable to indicate the level of corruption of a Majin's body and spirit by the Colour. When it reaches over 100% and does not return to below it in a certain amount of time, the Majin is seen to have turned into a Dark God and becomes a target for extermination by the Asylum.

About Anti Dark God Organisations 『対邪神組織について』
Many organisations fighting against the dark gods exist/existed around the world. The biggest anti-DG organisation, W Foundation. Emerald Echo, which is based on a special ops branch of the US marine corps. Arkham's White Lodge which was destroyed in Providence Lost. The Shining Society, which lost to the Demon Doctor at Marseille. Yatoura* Chinjufu, which defeated an invasion of CCD from R'lyeh. However, the Asylum of City Y is cloaked in mystery. Though the police and defence force are investigating it, they have yet to turn up with any results.
(*Yatoura seems to be a fictional city from a Japan-exclusive Cthulhu TRPG expansion)

Kurumi 『来海』
A surname with its origins in Ou-gun of Izumo-no-Kuni. Most names from the region come from the mythology of Izumo-no-Kuni-Fudoki. Kurumi comes from Yatsukamizuomitsunonomikoto, the god of water.

Hadou 『覇道』
A "yuureimyouji", a surname that does not exist in real life.

Bronze Majin/Tick-tock Man 『青銅魔人(チクタクマン)』
A doomsday clock created by the Clock that controls the Asylum. Details are in the comic. In other words, the Asylum contains energy equal to one of the forms of Nyarlathotep.

Abdul Al-Hazred 『アブドゥル・アルハザード』
The Arabian mad poet who wrote the Necronomicon (Al-Azif). Said to have been killed by invisible demons in broad daylight. The King of Ilek-Vad, Old Theb-Ald, and Abdul Al-Hazred. The relationship between these three men and why they are used in the incantations for the three vessels is unknown. It may be that they share the same soul.

The Hounds of Tindalos 『ティンダロスの猟犬』
Monsters originating from the unclean, that take on form through angles. Though extremely dangerous, there do exist methods to control them. For example, the international terrorist organisation based in the Himalayas known as Aku Shin Kage are said to be able to create from a special type of lotus, a mystic potion called the Liao-Tang* which allows a person to become one with a Hound.
(*I'm probably spelling this wrong)

Hell Hazards (Dark God Disasters) 『主な邪神災害』
Level 7: Lost Providence- The greatest hell hazard in history, which destroyed Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The loss of Arkham, which till that point was one of the biggest cities in the world, had a great effect on the USA which lasts even now.
Level 4: Roppongi Christmas Incident- A bio-terror incident on Christmas Eve in Roppongi, Tokyo. The details are still unknown.
Level 5: The Massacre of Marseille- A hell hazard in which the involvement of Aku Shin Kage is suspected. The lives of the famous detective Dupin and the gentleman thief Z were lost here.

Shahryār of the Unending Night (『明けない夜のシャフリヤール』
The "Mad Smile" was defeated. But the hunter fell, and became a new Mad Smile. Ten years have passed since then. He has destroyed countless kingdoms, yet even now he continues to wander the unending night.
Player 3 handout: You are a picture book author from the land of writers. You cannot leave a sad story such as his as it is. You decided to seek the Mad Smile.
Player 2 handout: You are a noble from the land of writers. You do not know him. But as a tailor, you must destroy one who brings disaster such as the Mad Smile. You are not a princess, but a weaver who fights that which is not right with this world.
Player 1 handout: You know not your mother's face. Your mother died giving birth to you. Even so, you believe that she loved you, and that is why you stand here, inheriting her will. You are the saviour of the holy church, born ten years ago.

Mashinkishi Knight Chaos 魔神騎士ナイトカオス
-His mask is the power of a god-
(c) 2000 Iwamori Pro / TV Asagiri / AOK / Kyoei
Mashinkishi Knight Chaos was later brought over to the US under the title "Chaos Knight". However the story was completely changed aside from the tokusatsu scenes. The protagonist who transforms into Knight Chaos is not Narukami Chikage, but a white man named Douglas Wayne.

Chaos Knight
Douglas Wayne, after losing his family, pledges vengeance and uses the mask of chaos, which possesses the power of a demon, to transform into Chaos Knight. He is at first overwhelmed by the demon and starts being possessed by the dark energy, but under guidance from his mentor, Master Thunderheart, he gains the power of good, Satori Awakening, and grows as a hero.

The Colours 『〝色〟まとめ』
Faceless Black / Type: Nyarlathotep / Artifact: Mask
Infinite Colour / Type: Yog-Sothoth / Artifact: Eye
Unclean Green / Type: Cthulhu / Artifact: Coral
Knowledgeable Beige / Type: Grimoire / Artifact: Necronomicon Ex Mortis
Fallen White / Type: Dragon / Artifact: Reverse scale
Ferocious Blue / Type: Tindalos / Artifact: Lotus
Unnameable Yellow / Type: Hastur / Artifact: Record
Solemn Black / Type: Nyarlathotep / Artifact: Mask
Twilight Gold / Type: ? / Artifact: ?

Zanmataisen Demonbane 『斬魔大戰デモンベイン』
The sword that smites evil- Broke.

Zanmataisen Tenohira-hen (Chapter: Hand)
The ruins of Arkham City.
A broken radio.
A song, mixed with noise.
"Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high. There's a land I heard of, once in a lullaby."
The pollution here is so bad that not even the Deep Ones dare approach.
In other words I get to travel all on my own.
"I request a correction. You are not on your own. Partner." -The junk is saying something but I just ignore it.
I have to reached that tower at the end of this coloured sky- The Miskatonic clock tower.
Why? Well, didn't love mankind as much as he did... but I'm not as disappointed in the world as he is either.
...the junk's still mumbling on. I give up and reply to her.
"Shut up already, junk. We're moving on,"
"I am not junk. I am Little Aida. Partner."
"I'm not your partner."
"Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly. And the dreams that you dare to, oh why, oh why can't I?"
I can still hear the song from the broken radio. The song's right. You can't tell who'll win till the ninth inning. Right, Kurou?
-Edgar, several years after Providence Lost.
(*Edgar was Al Azif's master in the Demonbane prequel novel Gunshinkyoushuu. His involvement with Al was erased from history by Nyarlathotep. Little Aida, from the same novel, is the avatar of the computer punchcard copy of the Necronomicon, used by Hadou Kouzou/future Kurou in the past)

Unrelated 『余談』
First the hero and heroine meet, then the Yog-Sothoth majin dicks around, then they gather Necronomicon shards, then a giant robot fights a dragon, then two enemies invade the base and dig me no grave.

Sphinx 『スフィンクス』
The mastermind in Mashinkishi Knight Chaos. His goal is to gather the shards of the mask scattered over the world and fuse them to create the ultimate god. Fights Knight Chaos with many forms. Though he's strong in-universe, he appears only near the end of the show, seemingly only to wrap up the plot, and so is a mostly forgettable character.

Destroyer of the Cartesian Vortex 『渦動破壊神』
■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ (Censored)
The Betelgeuse fleet has been destroyed. While flagship Nuadha has been sunk, though, operation Airget-lamh is a success. We leave the rest to you. May there be pure ether where you go.

Ultharathotep 『ウルターラトホテップ』
An elder god recorded in the Sussex Manuscript. Appears as one of Nyarlathotep's forms, but is also known as The One Favoured by Sothos, one of Yog-Sothoth's names.

Hishin-ryuu: A conversation between a master and pupil 『秘神流 とある師弟の会話』
"What are you reading, master?"
"This? It's a heathen scripture, the 'Cultes des Goules'."
"Again with the weird stuff?"
"It's unexpectedly boring. What joy is there to be had in turning into a majin? When I was younger I did think it would interesting if I had four arms, but that was just the foolishness of youth."
"You're already a monster as you are."
"Not at all. I may be 150 years old but I'm still in training."
"Again with the jokes."
"You should keep training too. At your current level of skill you might be able to defeat a dark god's servant, but this level wouldn't have been enough to keep you alive in Kyoto during the bakumatsu."
"What about the bakumatsu?"
"Nara's Yoshino-onryuu, Mutsu's Kuruu-kuryuu... We were all monsters back then. I would very much like to have a match against one of them again. ...Anyway, to become a majin is to become a god. And to become a god is to lose your face, and thus your self."
"What is it, all of a sudden?"
"...It is then that you should seek the path. When faceless you must grasp the formless and become invincible. There is light that can only be found in the dark, like the moonlight which illuminates the roads at night."
"I pray that pure ether will fill your path."

Destroyer of the Cartesian Vortex 『渦動破壊神』
A one-armed god that destroyed (∞-1) universes.

In order to save mankind, the Clock infected all humans with the Colour.
In order to escape "D", the Clock created a new world, the Dungeon.
In order to protect the world, the Clock imprisoned "me".
The Clock is off.
"I" was blessed and born.
In the midst of the blessings, "I"-
-Had "my" eyes burnt out, "my" limbs cut off, and was imprisoned in the depths of the dungeon.
Unable to think.
Unable to see.
All "I" can see is my dreams.
A blind idiot. That's "me".
But wait.
Who am I, the one who can look at "me" objectively?
Someone laughs at the me who is not "me".
She calls herself "Six Strings".
Six Strings continues.
The Clock can't save the world.
Thus I'll destroy it.
Let's rock and roll!
Laughter roars throughout the sanctuary of the dungeon.
"Applaud! Applaud! Foxtrot, jidanda, step! Oh yeah! How wonderful! The blind sacrifice did not die, and now yet sits on the throne! Record this moment in time (save here), Clockwork Phantom! At the ends of the holy lands of N'gha-Kthun! My love! My madness! Is given form! Now, la bête de Averoigne! Your enemy is this brave new world! Violate it!"
Cracks appeared in the depths of the Dungeon, and light shone upon the lightless throne.

A roguelike game. The player controls the heroine and attempts to escape the dungeon. The heroine cannot fight, but can use the servants she is granted from the Laughing Man. The servants hide in the heroine's eyes and limbs, and can be summoned at any time, but can only be summoned a limited number of times. The servants are: Foxbat, Little Prince, Speedster, Thunderbird, Nine Lives, and Armchair Detective Detective.

Underground Arkham. A dystopian world controlled by the mother computer Clock. In order to help them to adapt to the cruel environment, the Clock infected all of mankind with the Colour and turned them into majin.

The last hope of the universe. The blind idiot, twilight gold.
"D" must not be allowed to find her, and thus Clock hid her away.
Has eyes of glass and limbs coated in gold.

Laughing Man 『笑う男』
The leader of Spawn, an organisation that opposes the Clock.
A madman who believes in the fictional god Ultharthotep, and dreams of N'gha-Kthun.

Six Strings 『シックス・ストリング』
A mysterious being who guides the heroine.
Six strings = 六弦 = MUttsu no GEN

Noel 『ノエル』
A weapon merchant who appears in the dungeon. The weapons she sells are strong, but break after one use.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I'll be mostly offline a until I clear Sen no Kiseki II.

Of course to clear the game I have to GET the game which means I have to wait for fucking Sagawa who are taking over a fucking day to ship me a game from Tokyo to Tokyo. I took the day off for this. I woke up at 8 AM hoping it'd arrive in the morning. It's 1 fucking PM and the fuckers still haven't even gotten the game to my delivery centre. Wow, fuck these guys. Are they bringing it on foot or something?

This isn't the first time Sagawa fucked me over either, they once managed to LOSE A PACKAGE and then suddenly brought it over a month later with holes in the box.

Fuck Sagawa.

Edit: It's TWO FUCKING PM and they still haven't gotten it to my delivery centre.

It takes them a day for a fucking half hour drive. I just looked it up on Google Maps. It's half a fucking hour from their business centre to the delivery centre for my neighbourhood. My package left the business centre YESTERDAY and has been in transit to my delivery centre WHICH IS HALF A FUCKING HOUR AWAY ever since.

I took the day off for this?

Edit: 3 PM.

Still in transit.

Fuck Sagawa.

Edit: 5 PM. In transit. Fuck Sagawa.

After that bullshit they pulled the last time I decided to never again pay for something they're going to deliver (and fucking EVERYONE except for Amazon uses fucking Sagawa) with a credit card. Nope, it's all cash on delivery now. Which means I have to be there for the delivery. Which means the fuckers have me stuck indoors all day waiting for them.

Fuck them.

Edit: 6 PM. Still in transit. Looks like it's not arriving today. Fuck everything.

Edit: At 7:30 PM the tracker updated to say that the guy came by and failed to deliver the package at 6:40 even though I was sitting here the whole fucking time waiting and never heard the bell ring. Oh and they only take calls for redeliveries up to 7 PM, after that they don't deliver stuff until the next day.

I don't know who to blame for this bullshit but whoever they are I hope they die in a fucking fire.

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Russo-Japanese war propaganda

The text in that reads

Ro-suke (nickname for Russians used in the war): "I'm dyiiiiing"
Japanese soldier: "I will finish you off!"
Ro-suke (in the background): "Retreat!"

Such scathing political commentary.

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Japanese titles of western movies

So I'm looking through Unext for movies to watch.

Names of movies being changed to fit their target region better isn't anything special, but Japan still manages to make me go "oh, wow" sometimes.
Edit: Made this.

Edit: Here's another one.

Tatari means "curse", and the subtitle "noroi no yakata" means "the cursed house". So "CURSE: THE CURSED HOUSE".

Also "tatari" is the sort of curse less associated with western stuff and more associated with the Japanese countryside where old people warn of ancient curses (an old lady around 90 yelling "TATARI JAAAAA" at people is practically a trope) so it's a horrible mismatch with the film for anyone fluent in Japanese.

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Gundam: Are the Zabis royalty?

Q: In Gundam UC, Minerva is referred to as a princess, but Zeon was a principality (or duchy, depending on the translation). What gives?

A: Duchy/Principality of Zeon is a mistranslation.

There is no real translation. In real life 公国/koukoku means duchy/principality, yes, but this is because in real life the 公/kou comes from 公爵/koushaku = duke (principality comes from how in French a prince is also a duke, hence Monaco is a koukoku).

In Gundam, however, Degwin is NOT a duke, but a "kouou" (公王). This title is completely made up. The 公/kou in 公国/koukoku comes from this made-up word, and thus it is NOT a duchy/principality. Since there is no real translation for kouou, there is thus also no real translation for koukoku.

The "ou" (王) in kouou (公王), however, means "king", which makes it clear that yes, he is indeed royalty. So there's nothing wrong with referring to Minerva as a princess.

Also, there is a boss fight in Dark Souls with "the four kouou" (四人の公王), which is translated to The Four Kings in the English version, so there.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (1)

Dug up my copy of the official US release of CCA, figured I might as well give the subtitles a look.

Not watching the movie in its entirety at this point, just jumping to memorable parts.

Literal translation:  "Why would you drop such a thing on Earth?"
"Crashing this to Earth"... I don't know, since when did you crash things to others? And where's the question mark?

"That's why I declared that I would kill them all."

 Yes this openly contradicts the stuff from later on where he says his goal is to get people to move into space but that's what it says. And minor and inconsequential change, but "declared" becomes "decided".

Another minor change- Amuro says that people (in general) don't have the right to punish others.

And then this. "I, Char Aznable, will purge them, Amuro!" becomes this load of made-up bullshit. What the fuck?

"That's your ego!". I mean, sure, the meaning doesn't change that much, but the use of the word "ego" is a Tomino thing that really ought to be left intact. This completely pointless change turns a great one-liner into just another line.

I've heard that the decision to translate 強化人間 (literally enhanced or augmented human) into "cyber newtype" was made on the Japanese side and so the translators shouldn't be blamed for it. It's still fucking stupid, though. Cyber? Seriously?

This line suggests that the translator wasn't familiar enough with Gundam; They didn't enhance his skills, they enhanced him, and as you can see in previous shows that results in the subject going slightly nutty. This guy's worried that Gyunei might start crying about the sky falling down.

She asks if the ReGZ can be used, and when told that it can't, replies with this. If she already knows then why is she asking? Simple: She doesn't. This is an elementary mistake- She didn't already know, she just knew from Astonage's answer. This line isn't difficult to translate at all- "Alright" or "got it" or "okay", any of these would've been fine, but the translator made the mistake of thinking that 分かる is the same thing as 知る which is the kind of stuff you ought to have learned in a JLPT4 class.

Another case of "ego" being removed.

She doesn't say she just wants to be with them, she wants to be between them.

No "psychically" in the original line. It's not wrong, but I feel that it just kind of cheapens the line.

Like with Hamaan's, "zokubutsu" is for some reason extremely frequently mistranslated. A quick google search shows that Japanese to English dictionary entries say

And this is completely wrong. People relying too heavily on Japanese to English dictionaries is a major problem in translation (look at all the people mistranslating 偽善者 to "hypocrite"!). What they ought to be doing is looking up the word in a purely Japanese dictionary, which in this case would tell them that a zokubutsu is a greedy person who cares only for material wealth.


"So that's why even married couples will fight each other."
Yes she's talking about her own parents but god damn that's a weird wording choice.

"The world can't handle the ego of all humans!"
Once again "ego" is purged from the script, and the stuff about parasites seems to me like it comes from the translator mishearing the line (can't handle = "nomikomeyashinai" → nomi something → fleas → parasites).

First of all, he's not questioning Amuro's use of "wisdom" which is what the "so-called" suggests. And "those ignorant people" suggests a specific group, when the wording is such that he's talking about ALL people, which means something like "the ignorant masses" would be more appropriate.

He addresses her not just as Quess but as "Quess Air", which is what she calls herself because Neo Zeon kind of probably would recognise her real surname if she used it.

"貴官ら" is literally translated to "you officers" but is just another way of saying "you".

The song lyrics are completely different, but that isn't entirely a bad thing considering how the chorus is "Char believing our pray pray".

Fun fact: Char talks about the kakushin (革新, reform or revolution, "rebirth" is fine too) of mankind here. This phrase would be revisited much later in 00 with Innovators being referred to as such.

Another reason why the use of "psychic" by Quess before feels odd to me- When Gyunei talks about his becoming a newtype, her use of the word ("esper" in the original Japanese) has a mocking tone to it; Her idea of newtypes seems to be closer to the hippie understand everything version than to the I CAN CONTROL LASER GUNS WITH MY MIND PEW PEW version.