Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I'll be mostly offline a until I clear Sen no Kiseki II.

Of course to clear the game I have to GET the game which means I have to wait for fucking Sagawa who are taking over a fucking day to ship me a game from Tokyo to Tokyo. I took the day off for this. I woke up at 8 AM hoping it'd arrive in the morning. It's 1 fucking PM and the fuckers still haven't even gotten the game to my delivery centre. Wow, fuck these guys. Are they bringing it on foot or something?

This isn't the first time Sagawa fucked me over either, they once managed to LOSE A PACKAGE and then suddenly brought it over a month later with holes in the box.

Fuck Sagawa.

Edit: It's TWO FUCKING PM and they still haven't gotten it to my delivery centre.

It takes them a day for a fucking half hour drive. I just looked it up on Google Maps. It's half a fucking hour from their business centre to the delivery centre for my neighbourhood. My package left the business centre YESTERDAY and has been in transit to my delivery centre WHICH IS HALF A FUCKING HOUR AWAY ever since.

I took the day off for this?

Edit: 3 PM.

Still in transit.

Fuck Sagawa.

Edit: 5 PM. In transit. Fuck Sagawa.

After that bullshit they pulled the last time I decided to never again pay for something they're going to deliver (and fucking EVERYONE except for Amazon uses fucking Sagawa) with a credit card. Nope, it's all cash on delivery now. Which means I have to be there for the delivery. Which means the fuckers have me stuck indoors all day waiting for them.

Fuck them.

Edit: 6 PM. Still in transit. Looks like it's not arriving today. Fuck everything.

Edit: At 7:30 PM the tracker updated to say that the guy came by and failed to deliver the package at 6:40 even though I was sitting here the whole fucking time waiting and never heard the bell ring. Oh and they only take calls for redeliveries up to 7 PM, after that they don't deliver stuff until the next day.

I don't know who to blame for this bullshit but whoever they are I hope they die in a fucking fire.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Russo-Japanese war propaganda

The text in that reads

Ro-suke (nickname for Russians used in the war): "I'm dyiiiiing"
Japanese soldier: "I will finish you off!"
Ro-suke (in the background): "Retreat!"

Such scathing political commentary.