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Project D2

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Nitroplus 10th anniversary book Nitroplus Complete
Project D2 proposal by Haganeya Jin
(Some additional details from Haganeya's twitter:
Summary + partial translation

Demonbane's Big Bang Impact destroys all the Great Old Ones, all the Outer Gods (including all avatars of Nyarlathotep and Yog-Sothoth and Shub-Niggurath), the solar system, the galaxy, other galaxies, and then the entire universe, and lets off a metallic warcry, that might also be a cry of lamentation, in the midst of the void where even time has ceased to exist. But it still hides a glimmer of hope in its heart.

A turbulent age filled with wars fought by magic. Hadou Zaibatsu clashes with the Church of Starry Wisdom. Daijuuji Kuzaku and Demonbane Twosword's world. A failed summoning of a dark god fractures the world, turning it into a game for the chaos. The knight chases the gamekeeper across worlds. The fight against Another Blood, and Nyarlathotep's trap. Kuzaku accepts his other self, and breaks Nyarlathotep's machinations. But still, the fight between good and evil continues forever after, and forever before.
(*The first bit seems to be from the old Demonbane 2 ideas from Haganeya's blog, while the latter parts are the events of Kishinhishou)

A cult, the August Party, that claim to be apostles of the Elder Gods, summons a giant of light (that yells "shuwatch") called Alpha-Omega to purify (destroy) Arkham City. A guy named George, who refers to Winfield as his master, tries fighting it barehanded but can't do anything, and slots a card from his "spell deck: Necronomicon" into his gauntlet to summon his deus machina, Goliath. He controls the Goliath with the gauntlet and cards too.
Hadou Zaibatsu's fight against magic societies continue with or without Kuzaku. The Church of Cthulhu, the Esoteric Order of Dagon, the August Party, Darkness Dawn led by Raal Robdy (*from prequel novel Kishintaidou), Neo Black Lodge which plans its Moonchild Project, Silver Twilight, Twilight Angel, Enovelch (from Vjedogonia; Supposedly means "heretic" in Russian and I'm 99% sure I'm spelling it wrong), and Starry Wisdom which stands behind all of them.
Ruri is still commander, but doesn't want to wear her old uniform because she's now in her thirties and thinks the skirt is too short (Winfield has her change into it anyway).

Allison transforms into Metatron (also her monologue includes "with great power comes great responsibility") and fights the Magnificent Five Hundred and Twelve of Glyu-Vho, superhuman freaks who use the power of the elder gods. A girl flying through the sky with an umbrella ("like Mary Poppins"), Hinterstoisser shows up and defeats them instead, and attacks Metatron, transforming into Mahoushoujo Sandalphon.
(*Hinterstoisser was mentioned before on Haganeya Jin's twitter; She's actually a boy in drag, and used to work for Neo Black Lodge which is headed by Vespasianus but betrayed them)

Colin is now a magic detective, and a flamboyantly gay man who refers to himself as a jester shows up with a job for him: He wants Colin to look after a girl- De Vermis Mysteriis. He says that she will guide Colin someday, and apologises for the trouble his corpse gave them before disappearing.
(Twitter has confirmation that this is a non-evil Tiberius from the happy end route where Black Lodge doesn't exist, who works with the elder gods; Note that Kuzaku's world = this world is the true end world where Kurou and Al left, NOT the happy end world which is where Kuzaku headed to in Kishinhishou)

Chiaki confronts Doctor West, true genius, mad scientist, shining star of Arkham City (reason for shine: Strontium-90) in his secret lab.
"Let me introduce our members robo! Guitar: Doctor West!"
"Drums: Pickman!"
"Violin: Erich!"
Their band name is Houkago Part-time (760 Yen Per Hour/Experience Preferred)
West parodies some of Ranka Lee's lines. Chiaki pulls out a gun and says she's come to stop the Gamekeeper. Behind West is his current project- the broken parts of the Clockwork Phantom (see: Kishinhishou).
Chiaki takes out her D-Phone (like iPhone, only D) and summons Little Aida (from Gunshinkyoushuu; The machine language copy of the Necronomicon; Formerly taking the form of punchcards) who is now the mother computer of all of Arkham City's systems. Chiaki and L.A. fight West and Elza, while the Clockwork Phantom countinues to sleep.

The storm blows not just through Arkham City, butin the rest of the fractured world as well. The two Kuzakus and Demonbane Twosword continue their fight through time and space.
"So this is the world of Vjedogonia."
"No it's not. What are you saying?"
"I'm just a Demonbane passing by!"
Two of Daijuuji Kuzaku- One is the boy knight also known as Two Sword/Two Gun. The other, the crimson girl also known as Another Blood. (*P.S. this is a Kishinhishou spoiler)
Though they once fought and tried to destroy each other, shit happened (see: Kishinhishou) and they now fight alongside.
Each shard of the fractured world is governed by its own rules, the rules of a game board set by Nyarlathotep. Once they had to fight a dragon at the depths of a labyrinth. Another time they had to turn Demonbane Twosord into a pirate ship to fight a ghost ship.
The game of chaos continues. The fight of the two swords that cleave evil continues. A bell rings.

"Hey there! You must be the new transfer students! I'm the student council chairman of Miskatonic Academy, Perdurabo! Let me show you around the campus! We may have a couple of delinquents but they're all nice people deep down! I'm sure you'll fit in just fine! ...What's the matter, Etheldreda?"
"Master... You jest too much."
The fight of the two swords that cleave evil continues.

Fractured space and time. The world ruled by rules. The game of chaos. The players attempting to clear the game. The gamekeeper, the chaos, laughs at all of it.
What is the point of this game? What sort of schemes are the dark god planning? Should you care to ask, some may laugh at you, saying that humans could not possibly understand the machinations of the gods.
But the chaos with three burning eyes, being the most humanlike of the gods, and having an odd sense of obligation, might just answer.
"I'm just middle management, after all. My objective remains the same. I serve the gods- Regardless of what sort of god they are."

This is an entirely different story. A story that cannot exist, unrelated to all other stories. The saga of a great magician, whose name is---
Awakening from his dreams, he looks down on the ruins of Arkham City from what remains of the Miskatonic clock tower.
The world lost to the dark gods. Not just Cthulhu, but all the CCDs returned and destroyed the Earth. Those who died were lucky, as those who survived became servants to the dark gods.
Even so, some of the men of the previous age survived, and this great magician was one of them.
Everything was taken from him- The warmth, the pain, the world he'd sworn to protect, the love he'd sworn to protect. But he still clings on to one last thing- Hate.
Hatred for evil keeps the great magician alive. He calls upon his grimoire, the Al Azif. Its power allows its to manifest itself as an avatar, an indescribable monster, something not unlike the dark gods that destroyed this world, that drives those who see it mad from fear.
But the magicians has no fear left. He transforms into magius style and summons Demonbane. All the CCDs in Arkham see it, but it's too late, and its Atlantis Strike destroys not just them but everything within a fifty mile radius- Arkham, Innsmouth, and Dunwich.
This is a story that cannot exist, unrelated to all other stories. The saga of a great magician, whose name is---
None know his name. But some look at his black garb and call him Crow, while some look at how he tears apart evil and call him Claw.
He and Demonbane reached a simple conclusion. If you want to destroy something, you have to go for the head.
The destruction of the Creator, Azathoth, is the will of Demonbane.
But the universe is but a dream of Azathoth. If Azathoth is destroyed, the universe... and all universes, will go with him.
But Demonbane does not hesitate- It is the sword that cleaves evil, and that is what it will do.

The game of chaos Daijuuji Kuzaku continues to play has an unexpected twist. His greatest enemy, the world's greatest enemy.
It is not a laughing god, but a merciless destroyer.
All-out war between the destroyer and the world. Those who witness this new saga will call it


*The manga DYN Freaks written by Haganeya Jin seems to be connected to this setting. Also see: DYN Memo