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Masoukishin- Granzon, Neo Granzon, Possession Cybuster model kit manual setting info translations

Neo Granzon

One thing that puzzled the people who helped build the Granzon are the black boxes known as "Riddles". These were things that Shu installed into the Neo Granzon himself. Though they vary in size all can fit into the palm of a hand, and so they left him to do whatever he wanted because it didn't affect the weight or anything. All the Riddles formed a network controlled by the Kabbalah Program Shuu designed.
The system was thought to boost the output and power up some of the Granzon's weapons. Shuu named this the Mahakala System.When people who thought it was an inappropriate name for something controlling a black hole asked him why he named it so, he replied that Mahakala is another name of the Hindu god Shiva, meaning "Great Black". It is said that those who heard his words were more inclined to shudder than to laugh. Most did not find it in taste for him to be naming it after a destroyer god.
At the end of the Shura War, responding to mysterious words uttered by Shuu, the Granzon transformed into the Neo Granzon, and embodiment of fear created from Ra Gias alchemy and the power of the ancient dark god Volkruss. The Neo Granzon, now worthy of its being named after a destroyer god, took on the Masoukishin Cybuster and the task force that would later be known as the Kouryuu Sentai.
After the battle, Shuu left behind more puzzling words, and vanished from the surface world. According to Masaki, Shuu had had his will bent and his body controlled by Volkruss.
Rumours have it that Shuu has not died, and that the Granzon too is still in action. One rumour has it that he returned from the dead along with the Granzon in Ra Gias, and is know fighting his former master Volkruss. If so, where will the road lead Shuu Shirakawa, and the Neo Granzon?
-Baryon generation halo (ring)
A device that creates baryons from fluctuating ether. The Neo Granzon requires black holes, and thus overwhelming large amounts of mass, and it extracts the necessary mass from the ether. By doing so the Neo Granzon's power output is compared to the Granzon entire digits higher.
-The Bridles of Volkruss (giant shoulders)
Bridles usually refer to a horse's reins, but in this case refer to the chains of Volkruss. The core of the network system Kabbalah which has the power to warp the laws of physics itself is said to exist here. The details behind the system are unknown but it is said that by borrowing power from Volkruss results in the user being controlled by said power. Shuu later analyzed and recreated this system to not require Volkruss' power.
-Degeneration cannon
A weapon that creates and fires black holes even greater than the black hole cluster's by degenerating the mass created by the baryon creation halo in the black hole engine. Through the high dimensional degeneration of large amounts of mass it is able to cause a small supernova and thus overwhelming physical damage to a contained area. The gravitational collapse that comes after this also has a pull to it that breaks down all matter close to it.
-Gravity control device (yellow things on arms)
Allows movement via the setting of a virtual "ground" and a vertical axis. It can also crush targets by generating gravity of up to 3200 Gs in a wide area (Gravitron Cannon). It is also used in mass reduction and inertial control. As the Neo Granzon can change G vectors in 3 microseconds, regular inertial control systems are incompatible with it.
-Distortion shield (field) generation device (yellow things on shoulders)
Creates a homogenized force field in a sphere around the Neo Granzon that warps the kinetic energy of anything that tries to pass through it from the outside, dispersing it across the surface of the field. As electromagnetic waves too are cancelled out entirely instead of being dispersed, this has an effect on both kinetic and beam ammunition.

(Only stuff that isn't shared with the Neo Granzon)
Black Hole Cluster: A weapon that creates micro black holes with quantum-sized schwarzschild radii in a special gravitational field and fires them. It is similar in nature to the RTX-008R's black hole cannon, but the reasons for this are unknown.
Gran Worm Sword: Melee weapon in the shape of a sword. The blade causes dimensional tremors, and banishes space itself to an imaginary dimension. It can also launch imaginary space. There are two versions of the blade.
Gravity control device: Neo's "It is also used in mass reduction and inertial control" is missing, instead having "also used in movement".

Possession Cybuster
Masaki Andou
The pilot of Masoukishin Cybuster. Summoned to Holy Kingdom of Langran in the underground world of Ra Gias from Japan during the Third Surfacer Summoning Project. He was later chosen by Cybuster's guardian spirit Cyphis to become a Masoukishin pilot. Has an extremely straightforward personality, gets lost easily, is good at sports, and has a strong sense of justice. Later became the closest thing the Antillas Corps has to a leader after it was founded.
Cybuster is a masoukishin created in the Holy Kingdom of Langran of Ra Gias, a parallel world that exists on a different plane inside Earth. Its contract spirit is a higher spirit of wind, the Wind Spirit Cyphis. It was designed by Wendy Rasm Ignart. It can transform into Cybird, a cruising form which is modelled after the Langran god-bird Dishnas, and can on its own open and pass through a gate between Ra Gias and the surface. Langran, upon receiving the prophecy of a demon-god that would destroy all of Ra Gias, started a project to create the Masouki, multipurpose humanoid weapons which gained great power through contracts with spirits, in order to resist this coming threat. Sixteen Masouki were created, and the four which succeeded in binding themselves to higher spirits became known as the Masoukishin. The Masoukishin have massive power that puts them on a level far higher than that of other Masouki, and also host the will of the spirits contracted with them, and people not chosen by the spirits cannot become their pilots. Cybuster did not have a pilot at first, and it was only until after it was taken by Saphine Volkruss that Cyphis accepted Masaki, who had chased after it, making him its pilot.
Possession Cybuster is what becomes of Cybuster when Masaki and Cyphis synchronise their wills and activate Possession. Astral Armour is added to various parts, and its base weapons such as the Discutter and High Familiars gain new, stronger forms. Masaki first activated Possession when it was still only possible in theory, albeit for a very short time, when he confronted Shuu Shirakawa who had killed his foster father and master, Zeoroot Zan Zenosakis. Later, during the fourth Shutedonias North-South War, he gained the ability to control Possession by his own will after conversing with Cyphis in the spirit realm. Cybuster in possession has overwhelming power, and brought order back to Ra Gias by defeating the Dark God Ruzamno Rasphitot and Mother Elsine Volkruss who had plotted Rasphitot's summoning. However, when the Prophet Yohtennai set into motion her Coffin of the End Project which would bring destruction to Ra Gias by stopping time itself, it was overwhelmed by and lost to Yohtennai's Rezenkaim. Masaki and Cybuster, as well as the other Masoukishin and their pilots were taken prisoner, but they were later saved by Shuu and joined up with the Antillas Corps. Alongside Sakito Asagi and other surfacer allies, they entered the chambers deep underneath Langran palace, and after a grueling battle defeated the Rezenkaim, thus stopping the Coffin of the End Project. However, the Giants returned immediately after this, and they were unable to defend against the sudden attack and lost companions while fleeing. The king of the giants, Kadum Hacham, was the original form of the three dark gods, and a being which came to Ra Gias aeons ago from another world and gave knowledge to the humans there, becoming their ruler. Even if defeated, the cursed will of the giants would become the three dark gods, and if the dark gods were defeated, they would fuse and bring back the giants, meaning that it was truly impossible to vanquish them by regular means. Though the people of Ra Gias were unable to find a way to solve this problem, Masaki managed to succeed in contacting Cyphis. In the final battle with Kadum Hacham, Cybuster, in possession, used the Akashic Nova, the result of gathering all the energy in the spirit realm and releasing it in a single attack. By using the power of the spirits, the exact opposite of the negative beings that are the giants, they succeeded in defeating them. The price, however, was that the power of all the spirits in Ra Gias too were cancelled out by that of Kadum Hacham's, and are now lowered to levels that not even Masoukishin pilots can sense, and all engines that relied on the power of the spirits, such as those of the Masoukishin and Masouki, stopped completely.

-Extending Shoulder Armour
When Cybird form and Akashic Nova are used while Cybuster is in possession, the shoulder armour extends and the Astral Synchroniser mechanism added inside the armour by Cyphis is exposed and activates. This mechanism is a collection of countless Astral Fragments that increase energy efficiency and also act as extremely strong armour. It is also thought that it helps to amplify and control the flow of energy from the astral realm into Cybuster, but the exact structure and logic is as of yet unknown.
-Main Wings
Six wings attached to the back. At their bases are Aether Thrusters, propulsion devices that use aether (an energy that has no mass and remains perfectly still in relation to absolute location) as a magical medium.  In possession they give Cybuster the ability to move at speeds that greatly overwhelm conventional weapons.
-Astral Armour
Energy that flowed in from the astral realm, hardened, and became armour. Cybuster's design had not accounted for the effects of possession, and so achieving it posed a great risk to both the machine and pilot. Cyphis thus added this armour to Cybuster when Masaki gained the ability to activate it at will, making the machine strong enough to withstand possession.
-Cosmonova Reactor
The mechanism which compresses and launches all of Cybuster's energy as the attack Cosmonova. The armour opens when it enters firing mode and begins gathering energy, and the energy missiles formed are launched and guided via a system which uses magic. As it is unstable and prone to breaking down, its usage was avoided in possession which already puts a high amount of strain on the machine, but it was upgraded by Cyphis before the final battle with the giants. As a result, the output and control ability of the device increased exponentially, and Akashic Nova, an attack in which the machine veils itself in the released energy and crashes into an enemy, became usable.
-Extending Leg Armour
The armour on the back of the legs can also be extended, and like in the shoulders, astral synchronisers exist here too. However, unlike the shoulder ones which are seen in Cybird form, the leg ones are only activated during Akashic Nova, when Cybuster's maximum power output is required. Also, the shape of the astral fragments here are less uniform.
-Discutter Kyou
A mutation to the Discutter, brought about by possession. Kyou means “strong”.  The blade is much wider and sharper compared to the regular Discutter, and more blades are added to the hilt. Also, the words that appear on the surface of the blade are symbolic manifestations of Cyphis' power, and are not used anywhere in present-day Ra Gias.