Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kidou Senshi Gundam Daizenshuu (1991) - Gundam ZZ

Source: Kidou Senshi Gundam Daizenshuu (機動戦士ガンダム大全集)
Published 1991/03 by Kodansha (Terebi Magazine)
ISBN-10: 4061784129
ISBN-13: 978-4061784123

Not full translation

"Char Was Supposed To Appear in ZZ"

"The project for Gundam ZZ was started as a direct continuation of Z Gundam, and the story first thought of could be said to be the exact opposite of what was ultimately aired."

"To the left is the initial proposal, and as you can see there are large differences, such as with Emma Sheen who died at the end of Z Gundam had survived and was instead going to die here. But the biggest difference was that Char was going to appear. He was going to switch sides to Haman Karn, and attack the Argama that he was a member of just a while ago. "

"The story in this proposal is a lot darker than what was broadcast"

"Though (Char) is an enemy of the protagonists, in the end he kills Hamaan. But ultimately he cannot come as close to awakening as a newtype as Judau. He is a lonely man who cannot become a newtype."

"The Mineva Zabi appearing in this proposal is very much the real one."

"Many people who watched (Mobile Suit) Gundam and Z Gundam wondered if this little girl would one day influence the world of Gundam someday. An orphan of the Zabi family, though she was a little girl who only existed to be used by Hamaan when she reappeared, something about her gave out a premonition of the ideal newtype. Here, she comes to Earth. It is not an overstatement to say that this is representative of the spiritual fusion of space immigrants and those who stayed on Earth."

"There is not much of a difference in the personality of the Judau in this proposal and the version aired. He is just slightly a bit more mature, due to influence from Emma and Char. The reason is because he was created to be the opposite of Camille."

"(Judau) was created as someone to awaken as a healthy newtype. But that is why in the end he has to leave Earth."